details that go unnoticed and more (detgum)

Published by ymotkpo3 on Mon, 04/13/2020 - 21:07
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detgum adds crafting items that cannot be crafted in minecraft, and extras. Many of the craftings of this mod have different difficulties according to their usefulness or power, and they are very useful in different instances of the game. For now only crafts for horse mounts have been added. not only add crafts to common Minecraft objects, but to the crafts of those objects, minerals and tools are added that provide more fun for the creation of these objects, objects that must be obtained in caves or in other dimensions (more ahead) 


Soon there will be images and explanations of each crafting and how to use the mod. For now discover your crafting, I also recommend using a mod that shows the crafting of the objects in your inventory


Don't bother commenting if they have ideas or problems in the mod, I'll try to correct them. I'm interested to know what you think of the mod and thus be able to make a definitive decision

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