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Someone pointed out to me that there is already a mod called I Like Wood and that mod is basically what I always dreamed of when I thought of the idea for this mod. I put a lot of effort and time into this mod, but I will admit I have no coding or modeling experience and though it is bittersweet, it's nice to see someone that actually knows how to make mods make the mod I wanted. So if you've had any interest in my mod I highly suggest downloading the I Like Wood mod instead. Knowing this now, I think I am going to cease development on this mod for there is no reason for it.



Adds new variants of tools based on the type of wood you craft them with! Works with every wood variant in the base game!

Crimson and Warped Stem and Planks + Blackstone recreated but not generating naturally (pre-1.16 versions of the mod)

Sticks will be different based on whatever type of wood you use to craft them
Crafting tools will give you a different texture based on what sticks you use and what resource you use for the head
Other things like fences and signs now need to use matching sticks and planks to craft the variants


(There is an issue with some tools showing up under different recipes in the recipe book and showing up in the wrong recipe book tab even though they are all tools and are supposed to be categorized into separate recipes for each type of tool, not sure how to fix it)



My Youtube Video on this mod!


Modification files
Tool Variants Mod 1.0 - MC 1.14.4_0.jar - Tool Variants Mod 1.0 Download for Minecraft Forge 1.14.4Uploaded on: 04/13/2020 - 23:39   File size: 2.27 MB
Tool Variants Mod 1.0 - MC 1.15.2_0.jar - Tool Variants Mod 1.0 Download for Minecraft Forge 1.15.2Uploaded on: 06/03/2020 - 01:49   File size: 2.27 MB
Standard Materials Add-on for Tool Variants 1.15.2.jar - An additional mod file that adds support for the Standard Materials mod by BaconBombing! (requested)Uploaded on: 06/03/2020 - 01:50   File size: 803.56 KB
Tool Variants Mod 1.1 - MC 1.16.4.jar - Tool Variants Mod 1.1 Download for Minecraft Forge 1.16.4Uploaded on: 01/08/2021 - 10:06   File size: 2.23 MB

Version 1.1

  • Updated for Minecraft Forge 1.16.4!
  • Everything Nether Update related recreated in the mod has been removed and all nether related tool variants are crafted with the vanilla resources
  • Any other variant of diamond tools will work the same way in making netherite tools in the smithing table just as you'd expect

Version 1.0
  • Updated for Minecraft Forge 1.15.2!
  • Blackstone, Crimson/Warped Stem/Hyphae/Planks recreated from 1.16 (Just for creative, not naturally generating)
  • Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak, Crimson, and Warped stick variants and sticks made with Oak are now called Oak Sticks
  • Crafting tools will give you a different texture based on what type of sticks and wood you use to craft it
  • Added 496 new variants of tools including sword, pickaxes, axes, shovels, and hoes
  • Can craft torches with any variant of stick
  • Crafting Stone/Iron tools with different wood variants will give you the Getting an Upgrade and Isn't it Iron Pick advancements

This is really cool! I can't imagine how much time this must have taken