The End Expansion Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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A mod that adds new mobs and items to the end!

There are 10 new mobs, 1 new ore, 1 new tool set and 2 new armor sets.

There's also a few side items i added like the Night Vision Goggles and a side recipe for the saddle.

I couldn't get the images up for the mobs sadly because they were "too big". You can see some of them in the back of the image for the mod though.

I hope you guys enjoy the mod! Let me know if there are any bugs with the mod!

Here are the names of the new mobs:

Ender Villagers, Ender Ghosts, Ender Zombies, The Warped One, Ender Swordfighters, The Ender King (boss), Ender Knights, Ender Cows (drops cookable ender cow beef), a Void Walker (passive rideable creatures) and Ender Spiders.

The Ender Dragon Fight:

The fight has been changed alot. There are a lot more end crystals that spawn now and the new mobs add an extra challenge so i recommend getting some diamond armour and eye of ender armour crafted with eye of enders and diamonds (there will be a video on the crafting recipes). Eye of enders and ender gems are sometimes dropped from endermen so if you see any FRICKING BEAT EM UP.

Modification files
The_End_Expansion_Mod_1.14.jar - The end expansion for MB