On Off Blocks

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Minecraft Forge mod
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This Mod Just Adds On Off Blocks.

I Know Its Nothing Special But What More Do You Want From Me?


So The Description Cant Be Shorter Than 300 Characters So Im Just Going To Say That I Love Mcreator And Think Its Awesome.

And This Still Isnt Enough So I Guess I Should Say What On Off Blocks Do, So The Off Block When Powered Will Turn Into A On Block.

You Can Walk Through Off Blocks, And Not On Blocks.

And If This Is The Last Line Then This Is 300 Characters.

Modification files
ONOFFV1.jar30.32 KB

A solid one-purpose mod! Since this appears to be based on Mario Maker, maybe it would be worth adding a block that switches the states instead of Redstone powering? Just a thought

This is actually kinda cool, since you can see if red stones on without a lamp. Maybe you can make a GUI that can change the texture when it’s on? So you can choose green wool instead? That’d be cool.