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This mod adds a dimension based on the planet Grimodan from in Galactic Movies' TerraGenesis Time lapse series, also adds a version of the Moon which has a breathable atmosphere. The mod also adds a variety of rocks and minerals to the game, from the minerals new tools, swords and armour can be crafted. The mod also adds the biome shallow ocean where deposition takes place, which over time will connect islands and continents. The mod also adds limestone, chalk and marble into the game. And new hostile mobs and passive mobs to the game.

Modification files

V1.10 Power Update

-Added Eucalyptus doors
-Space Warps now require power to activate
-Added solar panels
-Added 1 new advancement


V1.9 Minerals and Gemstone Update

-Added humanoid mobs to Grimodan
-Added Fishing Hut Structure to Grimodan
-Added Gypsum with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Copper, Aluminium, Silver, Titanium and Nickel metals, which can be used in other mods recipes, as they are all tagged with their name. There is also a sword, tool set, and armour set for each metal
-Added Chalcopyrite with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Chalcocite with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Orthoclase feldspar with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Biotite with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Bauxite
-Added Pyrite with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Fluorite with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Apatite with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Amazonite with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Amethyst with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Topaz with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Zircon with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Carnelian with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Corundum with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Manetite with tool, sword and armour set.
-Added Graphite

V1.8 Grimodan Update

-Added upgrade system to space warp block
-Added steinefni gem, blocks, tools, sword and armour
-Added Heimurhafsins dimension
-Added Sjor, Haf and Cors biomes
-Added 4 land mobs to Grimodan
-Added 2 ocean mobs to Grimodan
-Added wallabies
-Added 10 new Grimodan based food items
-Added Heimurhafsins 
-Added scones and scone dough
-Added salt and salt blocks
-Added Salt plains
-Added Vanilla orchid
-Added Vanilla extract
-Added butter and flour
-Added manual kitchen grinder
-Fixed space race advancement


V1.7 The Food And Drinks Update

-Fixed mochyn spawns
-Added 2 new Eucalytpus biome varients
-Added new water mob to Grimodan
-Added Lokheima dimension.
-Added apple juice
-Added 2 new meat items
-Added 1 new fruit item
-Added Apple juice
-Added Canadian Red Maple Trees
-Added Sugar Maple Trees
-Added Maple syrup
-Added Maple planks, with stairs, slab and fence varients
-Added large bottles
-Removed all portals previously added by the mod
-Added Space Warp block, to allow easier transportation to other dimensions
-Weakened Moon dimensions gravity
-Added 10 new advancements
-Added Sudd Ffwyth drink

V1.6 The Aussie Update

-Increased size of Sperm whales
-Added Eucalyptus trees
-Added Eucalyptus planks and wood
-Added Koalas, wombats, kangaroos, emus, cassowaries, platypus', echidnas and dingos
-Added 4 new food items
-Added Eucalyptus forest biome.


V1.5 The Mob Update

-Added 5 new mobs each with their own custom model to the Grimodan dimension.
-Added Sperm whales to the overworld
-Added 6 new food items.



-Added Tywod
-Added Planhigyn plu
-Addded Glaswent
-Added Pridd
-Added Coeden logs
-Added Coeden Planciau with stairs, slab and trap door varients, and recipe for crafting table.
-Added Coeden Dail
-Removed all Grimodan dimension biomes
-Added 6 new biomes to Grimodan dimension
-Added new drops for Grimodan mobs
-Added 1 new cooked food.


-Added rhyolite with stairs, slab and wall varients
-Added volcanic wasteland biome
-Added Grimodian volcanic wasteland biome
-Added volcanic ash
-Added 3 new ocean mobs to the Grimodan Dimension
-Added 1 new passive mob to the Grimodan Dimension
-Added 1 new hostile mob to the Grimodan Dimension
-Added Grimodian ocean biome to Grimodan Dimension.


-Added Moon dimension
-Added Basalt, dolerite, gabbro, anorthosite and shale rock types with stairs, slabs and wall varients
-Added Polished Gabbro with stair, slabs and wall varients. 
-Added limestone, shale, and chalk bricks with stair, slabs and wall varients.
-Added Haemotite, calcite, olivine, plagioclase feldspar and pyroxene, each with a set of tools and armour.
-Added new creative tabs: Igneous Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks and GM decorations
-Removed Rocks creative tab



-Added slabs, stairs and wall varients for Marble, Chalk and Limestone

-Added Rhosyn to Grimodan dimension

-Sulfur now spawns in overworld and nether


Good creatures models and the new stones types make the mountain in the screenshot really cool! But they frequency should be a little bit annoying i think.