KFN: Dragon Ball Mineverse Pre-Alpha

Published by Ro... on Wed, 06/03/2020 - 01:31
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The new version of the mod Dragon Ball Mineverse is Out: Dragon Ball Mineverse | MCreator
Remember you need Rikucore 1.0.1 to play the mod.

This is my second mod. Kinto'un (Flying Nimbus in japanese)

This mod add the flying cloud and some other tool/Items from the Dragon Ball Series


-Janemba Sword


-Karin Tower (Spawn at 20 Y 20, You found a hole at the tower)


-Dragon Ball Texture (Hit Box Still need to be Fixed, Shenron too.)

First of all: , You will have to find a Golden cloud (spawn in the air). Once you find one, you will have to put in the 3x3 crafting grid like this. Key: O = Cloud

O     O     O

O     O     O

O     O     O

After that, you will get your flying nimbus. to get a black nimbus (also call a dark nimbus) you just have to put it in the 3x3 crafting grid and do this: Key: N = Flying Nimbus, R = Rotten Flesh, G = gunpowder X = Nothing

X     R      X

X     N      X

X     G      X

Flying Nimbus have 20 HP and Black Nimbus have 10 Hp but it's 2x Faster.

This mod also add 2 kind of senzu. For now, there is no way to get senzu except by using creative inventory or /give.

Green Senzu: Heal and Feed. Red Senzu: Give Strength V for 30 Seconds


-Z Sword (Do 52 Dmg)

-Katchin Shard


-Katchin Block

-Dragon Ball (Work but Right Click on Shenron to open Wish GUI don't work, When you place Dragon Ball, place them one by one, they must not be stacked.)

-Kai World (look to much like Overworld, will change in next update)

-Ki Blast Press R

-Red Senzu

-Green Senzu

-Karin ((Dont Work) Right Click with Gold to get 1 Green Senzu, With Steel to get Red Senzu

-Janemba Sword, You need 8 Janemba Essence and 1 Diamond Sword) Do 20 dmg

-Janemba Spirit, drop Janemba Essence can be find in the end or in the Other World


To get your Z Sword, you will have to get in the Kai World and mine Katchin Ore to get Katchin Shard.

Once you got your Katchin Shards you will have to craft Katchin. Katchin Shard = KS, Nether Star = NS, X = nothing

X      X      X


X      X      X

After that. You need to Craft a Z Sword handle than a Z Sword Blade.

To get the Z Sword Handle do this: Katchin = K, X = Nothing, Gold Block = G, Iron Sword = S.

G    K    G

X    S    X

X    G    X

To get the Z Sword Blade, do this: Katchin = K, X = Nothing, Diamond Sword = D

X    K    X

X    K    X

X    D    X

and finally, combine the handle and the balde in the crafting to get the Z Sword.

The Only way to go in the Kai World is to do /kai_world or /deah to go in Other World. and /earth to go back in overworld. Dead System is now here but at 5%

Also, get all the version on https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/kintoun-flying-nimbus

I do not own Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super and Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Toei Animation, Fuji TV, Akira Toriyama and Funimation own it.

Modification files

God mod men!!! but how did you do the flying nimbus? Is it only in that version of MCreator?

Next update i may add the dragon balls and of course i will fix the red bean.

You could add ramen or milk type meals (as in the GBA RPG) or Senzubean in different colors
with different abilities also another option is to add foods with icons such as transformation that when you eat them gives you effects (as if you transformed or used kaioken only in food) only are ideas ...

For Kaioken, when MCreator will support custom particle. i will add red kaioken Particle and like a Achivement (Skills) Menu. if you have Kaioken Achivement, u will get Kaioken Particule, Strength X and Health Drain when u press a key.

i think My DB mod and ur DBC mod are made to be played together, so u should update it to 1.15.2

Well, I'll try it thanks!!! Ok I think it's a very good idea but ... I have a problem creating a new mod for 1.15 it doesn't work for me ... But I'm going to try again, no problem ... But tell me if there is an option to change version :)))))