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This mod has been revamped, and all future updates will be for Hodge-Podge II

LINK:[ https://mcreator.pylo.co/modification/34570/hodge-podge-mod-ii ]

Now updated to Minecraft 1.8.9!

This mod adds over 200 elements, including a whole bunch of new blocks, mobs, and items that were either removed from the pocket edition, should have been included in release 1.9, or just plain fit into Minecraft well. There are 23 new mobs, four new dimensions, and many new blocks, plus recipes for some normally uncraftable vanilla blocks and items:

Newest features:

  • Ice bricks (cracked and normal)
  • Icy Stone bricks
  • smoldering log
  • Compressed cobblestone, necrotic flesh, and ender pearls
  • mixed bricks and fancy floors
  • cracked dirt
  • tainted stone
  • End stone tools
  • New boss: the Smoldering Knight and the talisman of cinders used to spawn it
  • redstone crystals
  • 2 new dimensions: the Degraded Wastes and the Taint
  • lightning blasters
  • mobs in the nether

Older Features

From Pocket edition:

-Nether Reactor Core (all three stages)

-glowing obsidian

- info_reserved6 (A solid grey block used as a placeholder for fire. It is very easy to mine, but is blast resistant)

- UPDATE! and ATE!UPD dirt 

From 1.9:

-End Stone Bricks (normal, mossy, cracked, and chiseled varients)

-Ender amethyst blocks and ore (I thought for sure that this was going to be included, instead we got purpur blocks...)


  • new dimensions: the Darkworld- a dark, foggy, nether-like realm  filled with dangerous creatures like zombie cowmen, crystal skeletons, and dark elves
  • Wonderland- The tulgey wood from Lewis Carol's nonsense poem Jabberwocky. Home to giant grubs, dark elves, and mome raths
  • Vorpal sword
  • Slime gun
  • shotgun and shells
  • unobtainium ore and weapons
  • volucite- a  blue crystal made with diamond and lapis-lazuli; when crafted with an unobtainum tool, it gives special powers
  • black sand and sandstone
  • Soul Sandstone
  • silver ore, block, and tools (no armor)
  • compact blocks of mob drops: rotten flesh, magma cream, blaze rods, bones, and gunpowder
  • wither bone meal- turns plants into dead bushes
  • smoky quartz

...and more! 


  • Spawn eggs for chickens, cows, sheep, and pigs
  • end portal frames
  • packed ice
  • red sand /sandstone
  • podzol
  • cracked, chiseled, and mossy stone bricks 
Modification files
Hodge-Podge Mod V2.zip - Version 1.0.0 (MC 1.7.10)Uploaded on: 12/11/2016 - 08:03   File size: 1.24 MB
Hodge-Podge Mod (release V1.2.1).zip - Version 1.2.1 (MC 1.7.10)Uploaded on: 12/11/2016 - 08:03   File size: 1.03 MB
Hodge-Podge Mod (release V3).zip - Version 1.2.2 (MC 1.7.10)Uploaded on: 12/11/2016 - 08:03   File size: 1.03 MB
hodgepodge_1.8_release_1.1.zip - The great update to MC 1.8.9Uploaded on: 12/09/2016 - 13:30   File size: 1.49 MB

This is a great mod.

Definitely will be in my modpack. So many cool things and features.

the portal texture obviously... in 1.8 and 1.9, they don't seem to render. the portal texture looks like invisible blocks.

Explain in more detail. I'm not sure what you mean by " that fuzzy in the portal you walk through"

How did you get the portal texture to work (you know, that fuzzy in the portal you walk through)? I can't even anything in the portal when I activate mine (except particles).

@#1 The only thing I think you could be referring to is the color shifted nether portal texture for the darkworld portal made of glowing obsidian) . You have to upload the single 16x16 piece of the portal into MCreator, not the entire 16x512 animated texture. If you want it to be animated like in vanilla minecraft, I think you have to make a texturepack with a .mcmeta file to get it to work. If you're simply having problems getting the portal texture to upload on the first page of "new dimension", I can't help you there. My guess would be that either your texture file is corrupt somehow, or its a bug. Assuming that you are using version 1.6.3 (MC 1.7.10), the latter is highly unlikely, as I had no problems with it at all. I hope that helps somehow.