ModBoyModder's MoreMinecraft Mod

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My MoreMinecrafMod that adds Tons of blocks Mobs and items to minecraft


it adds


the Tech Table


5 times tnt


chairs now part of the main mod

fire bottles

block of cobalt


added PizzaOven

added pepsi and coke

added death potion

addded cobalt stair and slab

cupboard added

added moden Table

added Phessants

added fridge

added Sharp Iron Sword

added knife steel

added Wood Arrmor

added Ruby ore and block

Added RawPhessant

ples be awere that there are some recipes missing




ps this mod will be on 1.15.2 this year

the tech table is use for crafting

crafting recipes are coming soon

this is free to use in any modpacks


do to mcreator 2020.2 i haver to rewrite the mod from the ground up it will be made in 2020.3 or 2020.4.25621 snapshot and it will be for 1.14.4 to 1.15.2 


Project members
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
moreMinecraft 1.2.jar - 1.2 for minecraft 1.12.2932.93 KB
MoreMinecraftMod(1.14.4).jar - 1.14.4 update for forge 28.1.114963.89 KB
MoreMinecraftMod - added world login chat and updated forge to 28.1.115965.72 KB

added world login chat and updated forge to  28.1.115
















































Nice :)
Please can you remove all of the blank space at the end though?
Maybe fill it in with more information about your features.

i will

ps i will be updating the mod soon and adding more features soon

and anyone can say features thay whant in the mod in the comments

and i will be puting this mod on minecraft curseforge

if i get 1000 downloads that will be great

when 2020.2 came out it change some project stuff like packages so my locked files did not work so 2020.3 it still did not work so i will rewrite the mod for 1.15.2 forge and fabric. fabric will use this plugin