Published by Wh0C4res on Thu, 03/12/2020 - 17:08
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This modification is all about adding magical, and also sometimes random, items and blocks to the game.


View the recipes and get more informations about the mod here:


You can suggest features for the mod, but they aren't guranteed to be added.

Modification files
imaginate_t01a.jar - The Curse Rift UpdateUploaded on: 03/12/2020 - 17:08   File size: 127.77 KB
imaginate_t01b.jar - The Curselands Update 1Uploaded on: 03/13/2020 - 17:36   File size: 194.22 KB
imaginate_t02a.jar - The Crystals And Treasures Update [Latest Version]Uploaded on: 03/14/2020 - 19:14   File size: 262.99 KB


  • Small changes to the Cursed Armor textures
  • Added ENDIUM ORE
  • Added portal blocks that leads to the Curse Rift dimension
  • Added Cursed Armor & Tools [special effects will be added next update


  • Added Void Gem
  • Added Contaminated Void Gem
  • Added Void Bricks [Portal blocks for the Curse Rift]
  • Added Void Gem Staff [Curse Rift portal igniter]
  • Added effects to all Cursed armor pieces, the blade and the tools
  • Added Void Gem Case
  • Added Void Brick Wall
  • Added an portal structure to the Curselands, allowing you to escape [right-click it to tp]
  • Added Metal Rod [material]
  • Adjusted generation rate of Endium Ore [& Chicken Ore]
  • Made changes to the textures of: Cursed Armor, Cursed Sword, Cursed Material, Void Fragment


  • Added Cursed Stone
  • Added Cursed Cobblestone
  • Added Crystal Valley [Biome in the Curse Rift]
  • Added Crystal Chunk
  • Added Crystal Cluster
  • Added Hardened Crystal Chunk
  • Added Crystal
  • Added 2 new structures [Crystal Treasure, Crystal Tower (Both generate in the Crystal Valley)]
  • Added Pure Crystal
  • Added Crystal Block
  • Made changes to the Curse Rift dimension [Removed the sun and changed some underground blocks]
  • Made changes to the attributes of the cursed tools [Improved durability, damage, etc.]
  • Made a website, where you can view the recipes and get a little more information about this modification [See description]
  • Added the Purifier [temporary, with command obtainable block; might be removed in future updates]

[Sneak peak] 0.2b:

  • Crystal tools
  • ???

This mod looks really good. Had a bit of trouble figuring out what things did tho, like what I needed to make a portal out of and what i needed to light it