Published by César 0ñ on Fri, 08/30/2019 - 21:38
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UPDATED 1.12.2, 1.14.4 & 1.15.2

This mod adds recipes that make sense in real life, although not all.

There are new things apart from the ones in the video for updates




The language is changed automatically with the one you have in your Minecraft


Available languages

Español España (Original)

Español Argentina

English US

English UK

Russian RU (I think it doesn't work.)





- Concrete beam

- Steel beam

- Mud block

- Bunch of branches (new fuel)

- Half bundle of branches (new fuel)

- Wooden planks

- Wooden planks with beam

- Mushroom

- More...



- Steel armor (absorbs 1024 damages in total and each part 256)



- Knife (80 damage)

- Knife tied to the stick (94 damage)

- Steel sword (100 damage)

- Katana (with melee attack and ranged attack, instant kill(10,000 damage) and is infinite)



- steel spout

- Steel ax

- Steel shovel

- Steel hoe



- Steel ingot

- Concrete



- Stick split in four (Oak trunk is collected)







- v1.0

  • Add  old planks

- v2.2     

  • Mushroom blocks
  • Now black oak and acacia is supported

- v.3.0 Christmas special (doesn't contain any Christmas objects) XD     26/12/2019

  • Furnace aggregate (only melts iron and has to use bundles of branches as fuel)
  • Chest added
  • Now you can make concrete by mixing water and cement on the crafting table.
  • Now you can make carbon by cooking the ink sac.
  • Now you can make a ink sac mixing water and coal.
  • Wood beam added.
  • Now you can make stone cooking gravel.
  • Now you can make an ender eye with any head (they get very easy by killing a zombie with the steel sword)
  • Now you can make an ender pearl with an ender eye.
  • Now there is a single steel beam (in addition to the double)
  • Now there is a wooden spear.
  • You can make sand by cooking mud.
  • After making sticks with wood, you can go back putting the sticks in a cross.
  • You can make emeralds with 9 gravel blocks.
  • You can make gravel by putting 4 blocks of stone cooked in a cross.
  • Wet biome added
  • You can make seed with leaves cut with scissors
  • You can cook the seeds to make popcorn
  • And many more things ...

- v4.0

Furnace only melts stone and has to use bundles of branches as fuel

  • Small steel and concrete beams
  • Ceramic, concrete and steel vaults
  • Concrete blocks
  • Ceramic bricks
  • Version for 1.14.4 (I have not been able to prove it) and I think I will rarely update it

- v6.0

  • You can split sticks to plant them
  • Added recipe with which you can make gold nuggets with a bucket of water, any type of soil and a bowl
  • And more things that I don't remember

- v7.0

  • Added katana with melee attack and ranged attack, instant kill(10,000 damage) and is infinite
  • The nether star now has a recipe
  • Fixed bug of infinite sticks
  • Added cooked zombie meat
  • Now you can make leather with zombie meat
  • Now you can make an ender eye with 5 spider eyes

- v7.1

  • Now you can make rabbit hide with zombie meat
  • Now you can make blaze powder by cooking gunpowder

- v7.2

  • Changed katana crafting
  • Now you can make a blaze stick with blaze powder

- v7.3

  • Now you can make bundles of branches with grass

- v7.4

  • The spear can now be used as fuel
  • Fixed small bugs in the katana

- v7.5

  • Now you can make water with cactus
  • Added recipe for elytra
  • Added alternative recipe for paper
  • Added alternative recipe for redstone

- v7.6

  • Now the magma block can be used as fuel

- v8

  • Added rustless steel vault
  • Added mossy concrete vault

- v8.1

  • Added energy drink
  • Added energy bar


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