Loot Vases

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Loot Vases adds various vases that drop their contents once broken, and more.


  • Emerald Vase - can be found everywhere but the end. Gives emerald nuggets when broken.
  • Gold Vase - can be found in mesas and in the nether. Gives golden nuggets when broken. Sometimes houses a greedy leprechaun.
  • Cave Vase - can be found in mineshafts and corrupt soul lairs. Gives either an iron nugget, torches, or a hungry cave spider.
  • Diamond Vase - can be found in the end (everywhere except for the dragon island). Gives diamond nuggets, angry endermites, or very rarely, an amethyst nugget.
  • Haunted Vase - can be found in corrupt soul lairs. Sets fire to anything that gets too close. Explodes and releases a Corrupt Soul when broken.
  • Emerald Nugget - self-explanatory
  • Diamond Nugget - self-explanatory
  • Amethyst Nugget - self-explanatory
  • Ender Pearl Shard - self-explanatory
  • Amethyst - extremely rare and powerful resource. Can only be gained from slaying a Corrupt Soul or having a 1% chance of dropping in nugget form from diamond vases. Amethyst is what ender pearls are made of.
  • Amethyst Sword - a sharp and sturdy blade with a 1% chance of conjuring slightly weaker versions of endermen that will fight by your side for a limited time.
  • Amethyst Tools - self-explanatory
  • Amethyst Wand - a ranged weapon that uses levitation pearls as ammo. Projectiles give a mob levitation for a few seconds on impact.
  • Amethyst Armor - gives the wearer speed 2 and jump boost 2.
  • Corrupt Chestplate - a piece of armor with the immense power of the amethyst soul.
  • Heart of Ender - conjures four endermen minions when used.
  • Levitation Pearl - ammunition for Amethyst Wand.
  • Amethyst Soul - obtained from slaying a Corrupt Soul.
  • Leprechaun - a greedy goblin-like creature that will kill any traveler before they steal the gold it stores in it's beard. If you hit it, even if it doesn't die, gold nuggets will slip out of it's beard. Killing it can reward you even better.
  • Enderman Minion - a weaker yet loyal enderman that can be conjured by a magic user to slay enemies.
  • Corrupt Soul - deadly boss that resides inside haunted vases. When summoned, they cause the world to be forced into night and rain. They summon all sorts of other monsters. Corrupt Souls can bring one hell of a fight that warrants all the preparation in the world.
  • Corrupt Soul Lair - a dungeon in which the haunted vase resides. However, it is crawling with hundreds of monsters that guard it.

If you have any suggestions for the mod, feel free to share them in the mod's comments. If you want to play older versions of the mod for some reason or you want to play the discontinued 1.14.4 versions, you can download them from Curseforge. If you want to add this to your modpack, feel free to do so as long as you leave a link to the mod page. Also please go check out my YouTube channel, Memer Teamer! - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3NwmZVKrM1hKyn0tEr1Y1g?sub_confirmation=1

Project members
Lead developer
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
LootVases1.15.2-v1.1.0.jar - Bug fixes, tweaks, and amethyst tools.4.39 MB
LootVases1.15.2-v1.1.1.jar - A few more tweaks.4.41 MB
LootVases1.15.2-v1.2.0.jar - Improves Cave Vase drops (now renamed to Dungeon Vases) and a few more tweaks.4.41 MB
LootVases1.12.2-v4.0.jar - Everything from the 1.15.2 versions backported to MB

Version 1.12.2 1.0:

-Added Emerald Vase


Version 1.12.2 1.1:

-Added LV Vases Creative Tab

-Added LV Nuggets Creative Tab

-Added Emerald Nuggets

-Emerald Vases now give 2 points of XP

-Emerald Vase texture in inventory fixed.


Version 1.12.2 2.0

-Added Gold Vase

-Added Cave Vase

-Added Leprechaun


Version 1.14.4 1.0.0

-Added Diamond Vase

-Added Diamond Nugget


Version 1.15.2 1.0.0

-Added Amethyst Nugget

-Added Amethyst

- Added Amethyst Sword

-Added Amethyst Wand

-Added Amethyst Armor Set

-Added Ender Pearl Shard

-Added Enderman Minion

-Added Levitation Pearl

-Added Heart Of Ender

-Added Enchanted Golden Apple Recipe

-Added Haunted Vase

-Added Corrupt Soul Boss

-Added Amethyst Soul

-Added Corrupt Chestplate

-Added Corrupt Soul Lair Dungeon

-Improved Leprechaun AI


Version 1.15.2 1.1.0

-Added Amethyst Axe

-Added Amethyst Hoe

-Added Amethyst Pickaxe

-Added Amethyst Shovel

-Added material flakes for each nugget

-Added "Game of Pottery" advancement

-Added "The Next Tier" advancement

-Added "You Are The Monster" advancement

-Added "Redemption" advancement

-Corrupt Soul Lair generates naturally

-Corrupt Soul Lair contains loot

-Fixed the Endermen Minions killing each other bug

-Heart of Ender now makes teleporting sounds when used

-leprechaun texture improved

-probably some more tweaks and bug fixes I forgot I added


Version 1.15.2 1.1.1

-Made Corrupt Soul Lairs far less common

-Changed the levitation pearl from shulker shells back to phantom membranes


Version 1.15.2 1.2.0

-Color coded the names of the creative tabs

-Changed the Corrupt Soul boss bar

-Renamed Cave Vase to Dungeon Vase

-Dungeon Vases now have a chance of dropping iron ingots, diamonds, bats, or cave spiders

-Removed Enchanted Golden Apple recipe

Lol, i'm also make a loot vase mod, but I didn't know about your mod :P

i love the way of obtaining amethysts! unlike other OP modded minerals, you actually have to go through a nice adventure to get it.

since the emerald vase is the most common, maybe give it the least reward or make it spawn in mountains only? give the diamond vase the most risk? also, there's not really any reason to take down cave vases, so maybe make them drop a lot of iron nuggets?

if you don't want farmable leprechauns, make them able to only drop a set number of gold nuggets. also improve the textures a little. other than that, great mod! upvote!