Details Update

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Details Update Mod is a mod which adds many decoratives blocks to Minecraft, following its Vanilla Style, without making complex blocks.

This is a work in progress mod.

I've published this mod is also on PlanetMinecraft

  • New biome: Windy Forest
  • New Trees: Windy trees with green wood!
  • New Planks derivates: MOSSY PLANKS
  • Vertical Slabs of Mossy Planks
  • Mossy Vertical Slabs can be climbed as vines!
  • Sandstone Bricks and derivates
  • Carbonized Bricks and derivates
  • Leaves Carpet: can be found in the Windy Forest biome!
  • Ground Leaves: a new decorative block which can be crafted using 1 Windy Leaves Block!
  • Opuntia Ficus Indica: a new plant from the family of the Cactacee (Cactus Family)
  • New Structure: Oasis which can be found in the desert!
  • BETA Chisel (it is named Scalpello)
Modification files



This is a quite small snapshot which introduce the chiselling process to Minecraft!
I want to remember to all that this is Work in Progress, so something might change in the future!
>Fixed and settled the chisel
>The chisel can now change the chiseled stone and the chiseled sandstone textures (I was inspired by a Texture I found here on PM, from that I just reinvented the idea of squared designs, but I completely redesigned the faces)
>Added new variants for Chiseled Stone and Chiseled Sandstone
>If the last step of chiseled blocks is put in a stone cutter, it will return in the first form of the block (so the first design)
>Added a new variant of metal blocks! The plate!
>There are 2 plates: the Iron Plate and the Gold Plate
>Plates have slabs, stairs, wall, fence and trapdoors variants
>You can obtain a Plate block from unifying 4 (iron or gold) ingots in the crafting table
>At the moment you can obtain plates variants from the stone cutter (just put the block inside of it to see all its variants)