Armour Set Bonuses

Published by Oscardust on Sun, 06/21/2020 - 17:13
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This mod does not really contain items or weapons, it gives set bonuses for all of the vanilla armour sets! You just have to wear a full set of leather, gold, chainmail, iron or diamond armour for the effects to come. But how do you make chainmail armour? Well I added one item made out of 4 iron called a chain so that you can now craft chainmail armour.

All different set bonuses:

  • Leather: Speed 3 and jump boost 1
  • Gold: Speed 1 and haste 3
  • Chainmail: Fire resistance 1, regeneration 1 and saturation 1
  • Iron: Strength 1 and resistance 1
  • Diamond: Regeneration 1 and resistance 1
  • Secret: Speed 3 and regeneration 3
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