nR Mod [1.6.4][Alpha]

Published by notReally on Mon, 03/17/2014 - 14:55
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First of all, thanks for reading and checking out my "mod".

I honestly wanted to start moding long time ago but I didn't have time nor ideas to do it or so.

Today I bring you my first ever mod, it adds couple of tools, one set of armor and ingots necessary to make them.

Tools and armor are slightly better than diamond.


I've made two different kind of tools, Cyarad and Larad.

Let's get started with recipes.


Every Cyarad tool requires at least one Cyarad ingot, to make it you will need 6 gold ingots and 1 diamond:


To make a Cyarad Pickaxe you do like this:


To make a Cyarad Sword you do like this:


To make a Cyarad Shovel you do like this:


Cyarad Hoe:


Cyarad Axe:


Here is a list of recipes for Cyarad Armor:


Cyarad Helmet:


Cyarad Chestplate:


Cyarad Pants:


Cyarad Boots:


That would be all for Cyarad things I've created, let's get started with Larad tools.

Every Larad tool requires Larad Powder and Cyarad tool.

Larad Powder is made from Lagad Ingot.

To make it you will need 4 pieces of Lapis and 1 Gold Ingot:

Once you get it, you will have to put it into the Furnace, it will change into Larad Powder:


You are set, let's get started with recipes.

Larad Sword:


Larad Pickaxe:


Larad Shovel:


Larad Axe:


Larad Hoe:


That would be it.

Things to be added in the future (once I figure more options XD):

- New ingots obtainable only from mobs

- New Dimension

- More food

- More Armor


If you have any idea feel free to send me a message or something.

Hope you like it.

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