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   Have you ever wanted to get Emeralds easier? Have you ever wanted Rainbow-colored dyes? Have you ever wanted to travel to a reverse Overworld? If you awnsered yes, this is the mod for you. This mod has Emerald Armor, X-Ray Blocks, Barriers, Lightning Generators, and other nice stuff that will make your Minecraft experience awesomer. What can go wrong with a mod that has RAINBOW COWS!


This mod includes an all-new dimension: The Infinite Plains!




How to Install:

1. Download the file and unzip it.

2. You will have 4 folders: Crafting Recipes, (if you want to see crafting recipes)  Place in Mods Folder, Text documents (so you can read about the upcoming features, version history, and credits) and Texture Maps. (Mine-imator purposes)

3. Open the Place in Mods Folder and drag the JAR named "JiD's Useful Additions v1.0" to your mods folder of .minecraft.

4. Make sure you have your profile changed to Forge (1.6.4 or won't work) and play!



This is my first mod made in a WHILE, and this is because I got into movie editing and I got busy playing A Link Between Worlds, so mod making felt useless, but I'm back at modmaking. Hope you enjoy this mod!

Modification files
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