Simple Enchantments Update

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A mod made with the 2020.4 enchantment feature. I tried to explore many methods of applying enchanting effects, from random events to extra damage and extensive procedure chains.

A list of the enchantments and its effects:

  • Dasher: Increases speed when running with the leggings.
  • Ender Ender: Extra damage to Enderman, Endermites, Shulkers and the Ender Dragon.
  • Fencing: Extra damage that bypasses armor.
  • Freeze Shot: Shoots a ice-cold shot that freezes enemies in place. The ice can be broken easily by others, but not by the victim.
  • Harvesting: Increases plant and crop drops when broken with hoe.
  • Hook: Fishing rod may bring a sea creature to you, like fish or squids (or something more dangerous).
  • Photosynthesis: Items in your inventory regenerate durability when player is in sunlight.
  • Reaping: Breaks crops and plants in a square radius (compatible with Harvesting).
  • Sixth Sense: Illuminates mobs around you in a radius.
  • Smooth Falling: Boots slow your descent and fall damage.
  • Springs: Lets your boots send you higher when jumping while sneaking (beware of fall damage!)
  • Stamina: Leggings may recover hunger bar.
  • Toast Touch: Tool will smelt the block broken (will drop block xp, but not smelting xp).
  • Venomfang: Chance to poison your enemies on hit.
  • Vitality: Chestplate increases your max health.
  • Weighted Arrows: Shoots a heavier projectile thats slows down enemies for 5 seconds.
  • Well Resting: Recovers heath after sleeping.


Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions in the comments!

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Minecraft Forge mod
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SimpleEnchantments.jar - 1.0.0 First Release92.78 KB
SimpleEnchantments_1.1.0.jar - 1.1.0 Update197.13 KB

1.0.0 - First release.

  • Added Harvesting, Hook, Photosynthesis, Sixth Sense, Stamina, Springs, Toast Touch, Vitality.

1.1.0 update:

  • Renamed Harvesting to Reaping.
  • Added Dasher, Ender Ender, Fencing, Freeze Shot, Reaping, Smooth Falling, Venomfang, Weighted Arrows, Well Resting.
  • Added "Ice Block" entity.

I like how original is the photosintesis effect!
Also, does the effect hook just bring you fishes and squids or can bring you a water mob from a mod?