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A mod which adds a whole new fiery dimension to Minecraft, aimed to create a new experience before the end. This mod is in alpha builds so expect bugs that may or may not be game-breaking. Welcome to the Curselands!

Currently includes:

  • A custom dimension called the Scorchedlands.

A base in The Scorchedlands

  • New Blocks:
    • Fire Stone
    • Fire Gravel
    • Unscorched Magma Brick
    • Magma Brick
    • Scorched Kiln: Scorches Blocks, a machine which allows you to progress. (WARNING: When opened spawns lava underneath it)
    • Scorch Chest: Works like a chest with a built in Scorched Kiln. (WARNING: When opened spawns lava underneath it)
    • Magma Rock Ore: Mine it to obtain Magma Rock
    • Cursecoal Ore: Mine it to obtain Cursecoal


  • Tools & Armour:
    • Magma Helmet: Provides Fire Resistance
    • Magma Chestplate: Provides Haste 3
    • Magma Leggings: Provides Speed 3
    • Magma Boots: Provides Feather Falling
    • Magma Sword: Gets Fire Aspect, Sharpness and Looting
    • Magma Axe: Gets Sharpness, Looting and Fortune
    • Magma Pickaxe: Gets Fortune, Efficiency and Unbreaking
    • Magma Shovel: Gets Silk Touch, Efficiency and Unbreaking
    • Magma Hoe: Gets Silk Touch, Efficiency and Unbreaking
  • New mob called the Scorcher which fires balls of smoke at you and drops a Magma Stone

The new mob

  • Ores:
    •  Magma Stone: The main ore can be found in the new dimension and the nether
    • Cursecoal: Can be found in the new dimension, acts like coal but 2 times as good


  • A potion called the Cursed Potion, Causes lava to spawn underneath you whenever you walk. (Currently only obtainable through creative/cheats)
  • Power Generation

Power Generation




Pictures taken with Mekanism's power and item transportation and batteries and with A Biomes O' plenty mangrove biome in the background.



Updates on Curseforge:

Project members
Lead developer
Texture designer
Gameplay designer
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
CurselandsV2.1.1.jar - Recipe for the Generator!407.32 KB
CurselandsV2.1.0.jar - Adds power using Mcreator snapshot 2020.4 so may contain game-breaking bugs! (Btw just a generator)405.13 KB
CurselandsV2.0.0.jar - Next beta release, this adds uses for the trees!367.46 KB
CurselandsV2.2.0.jar - Flowers in the Fire gravel valley which can be turned into fibre which can be used for ropes420.33 KB

For older version visit:

Use NovaSkin to create textures

Good stuff here! Keep up the good work ;)
I would suggest coming back and doing a few touchups on the textures though.

Use structure_block and make the spawn rates in between 300k and 600k to make custom trees