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This is the treasure chests mod! this mod adds 25 chests that will spawn in your minecraft world casually. those chests will contain some vanilla objects and a special object whit a special power. You can find the chests in: the overworld, the nether and in the end!

the chests are really rare, and in survival is a miracle to find one, but they have always an op object inside!

good luck, explorers! 

you will have to search for 25 special object's, have fun!

Modification files
treasure_chest's.jar - treasure chests ver.1.0.0Uploaded on: 08/08/2020 - 14:11   File size: 339.78 KB

1.0.0: release of the mod.

there will be more update's in future, i'm working on other mod's... so have patience!

Simple and useful i like that. I will like to have this during a survival. First upvote and comment!

Nice mod :)
You could also add some more common fake chests which actually are Mimics (monsters that look like chests)

Good mod, but dont u want to make a new texture for chest?