Hard Health Tweaks (Rough Tweaks Reimagined)

Published by Fhyx on Tue, 08/11/2020 - 03:24
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This is a mod inspired by the Rough Tweaks mod in 1.12, reimagined. It's heavily based off of it in the regard that natural health regeneration is off and healing is done through items gathered and crafted in the world. It also has some quality of life features such as wool to string and honey bottles to honey combs.


 Healing Salve: A primitive but effective option in a pinch, has a moderate consume time but really cheap, shapelessly crafted with 2 flowers of any kind, a seed and a bowl.


 Bandage: A decent out of combat healing option for mid-game, it's crafted with two healing salves horizontally and two pieces of string vertically around a piece of wool.


 Plaster: A good and quick healing source optimal for mid-combat, it's crafted with two pieces of paper horizontally and two pieces of paper vertically placed around a slimeball.


 Medicinal Herbs: A portable alternative to buckets of milk, medicinal herbs can remove any and all buffs and debuffs on a player, it's crafted with two different mushrooms, one grass and a sugar cane.


 MedpackThe out of combat healing item, the medpack is powerful but quite hefty as in it takes up about 5 seconds of downtime in order to fully apply it. It's crafted with four quartz on the corners, redstone in the middle, a plaster above and a golden apple below it, surrounded by two bandages.


 Enchanted Medpack: The end-game healing item, providing you with fast healing, full healing and ten extra hearts for approximately 10 minutes, essentially doubling your health as you can keep up with the supply, but the benefits come with the giant price tag of a medpack, 6 gold blocks, one ghast tear and one rod, the recipe is shapeless.


 Thanks for the feedback and have a pleasant modding experience! Feel free to use in any modpacks. Also credit to the original 1.12 version's author of the mod: Lellson8

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HardHealthTweaks1.1.jar - Hard Health Tweaks (Rough Tweaks Reimagined)Uploaded on: 08/11/2020 - 03:24   File size: 50.27 KB

 It's been revamped and works properly now due to the changes done to the code.