Johannes's Renaissance

Published by Johannes_V on Tue, 06/30/2020 - 04:26
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For those desiring a bit more of a bang, or simply a gentleman in need of an elegant weapon, Johannes's Renaissance includes firearms of the enlightenment and more!


Current items list:
- Renaissance-era firearms (pistols, arquebuses, muskets, blunderbusses, hand-cannon, and breechloaders).
- Basic medicine.
- The plague.
- Rats.
- Basic brewing.
- A couple of foodstuffs.
- Decorations (chair, paintings).
- Saltpeter and lead ore.

To add:
- More renaissance-themed mobs (gnomes, liches, duelists, etc).
- Functional furniture.
- Cannons and cogs (ships).
- Late medieval/renaissance armor.

(Suggestions are more than welcome, this is my first mod after all. Please report any bugs!)

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Modification files
Johannes's Renaissance V1.jar - MB

- 1.1: Fixed issues with ore generation, added handgun.

- 1.2: Revolving mechanism and revolving weapons have been added. Crude (hand cannon/handgun/matchlock guns) and experimental (pepperbox pistol/revolving carbine) guns now have a small chance to explode. Crude guns now waterlog underwater.

- 1.3: Revolving weapons now have a chance to jam. Fixed issues with certain weapons.

-1.4: Added elegant weapons, lighthouse, hand mortar, spinach, bayonet. Fixed rat population getting out of hand.

Hey! I just made an account to post about this. I love the mod already! It's doing great, though when I shot the arquebus after a few times, the game crashed.

I actually have another update as well. I fixed the arquebus issue (started plain to avoid any desync issues and the like), however the pistols (matchlock and regular pistol) appear as purple and black squares. I'm aware this is WIP, but I am just letting you know in advance.

(I can't edit posts so I'm sorry for the spam.) When I start a new world with your mod enabled on occasion, the chunk progress hangs (so it gets stuck around 30%) and I have to exit out. I'm currently using a GTX 1080 and Intel Core i7-6700K so I don't think it's really running into any memory issues.

I am terribly sorry, I seem to have missed these comments!

I'm currently working on a fix, but honestly, I am not great at programming. Hopefully, I can get a working version in order promptly. It seems to be a problem with the Gradle and the generation of ores.

Thank you for the heads up regardless! Any help with possible solutions are much appreciated.

Not a problem! I'm very inexperienced to this sort of thing, but here's what I've managed to find. Most with this issue ran into a problem that ended up needing to update all the mappings. There's a 1.15.2 port of Primitive Firearms (middle option) that also has ore generation here on MCreator and I believe it also has source accessible? Might be worth checking there to see. Additional I found a video or two on youtube that may help.

Besides the pistol textures not showing up, the mod works like a charm! World generated without a hitch. (I also tried out creative mode and had no crash! Would you happen to be able to make a config file to change recipes?)