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  1. Void Armor: Crafted from the remnants of celestial anomalies, Void Armor is a formidable ensemble that exudes an aura of otherworldly power. Dark, ethereal tendrils weave through the obsidian plates, imbuing the wearer with protection that transcends mortal limitations. Each piece is adorned with arcane symbols, pulsating with latent energy waiting to be harnessed. When donned, the armor seems to meld with the wearer, enhancing their physical and metaphysical capabilities, rendering them nigh-invincible against conventional threats.
  2. Void Sword: Forged in the heart of cosmic voids, the Void Sword is a weapon of unparalleled elegance and devastation. Its blade, shimmering with the iridescence of distant galaxies, cleaves through the fabric of reality itself. With each swing, it rends space and time, leaving behind trails of starlight and echoes of primordial chaos. Those struck by the blade find themselves torn between dimensions, their very essence unraveling under its cosmic might.
  3. Void Scythe: The Void Scythe is a grim harvest tool born from the depths of cosmic entropy. Its curved blade, honed from the remnants of collapsing stars, cuts through reality with chilling precision. Wielding the Void Scythe, one becomes an agent of cosmic retribution, harvesting souls with a single sweep. Shadows cling to its edge, whispering ancient secrets of the void as it cleaves through the fabric of existence.
  4. Void Hoe: Fashioned from shards of fractured dimensions, the Void Hoe is a tool of surreal efficiency. Its blade, reminiscent of a black hole's event horizon, effortlessly tills the soil of mundane realms. With each stroke, it channels the latent energies of creation and destruction, coaxing life from barren earth with an otherworldly touch. Those who wield the Void Hoe find themselves cultivating not just crops, but the very essence of existence itself.
  5. Void Shovel: Crafted from the remnants of collapsed dimensions, the Void Shovel is a tool of unearthly excavation. Its edge, sharpened on the event horizons of dying stars, effortlessly cuts through earth and stone alike. When plunged into the ground, it resonates with the echoes of forgotten realms, unearthing relics of lost civilizations and tapping into wellsprings of cosmic energy buried beneath the surface.
  6. Void Pickaxe: Hewn from the shattered fragments of celestial bodies, the Void Pickaxe is a tool of cosmic extraction. Its pointed tip, infused with the essence of collapsing stars, effortlessly fractures even the hardest of materials. When swung, it resonates with the echoes of distant supernovae, rending through rock and ore with an almost preternatural ease. Those who wield the Void Pickaxe find themselves tapping into reservoirs of raw elemental power hidden within the earth.
  7. Void Staff: Carved from the remnants of forgotten constellations, the Void Staff is a conduit of unfathomable cosmic energy. Its shaft, etched with runes of ancient wisdom, pulsates with the ebb and flow of the universe itself. When wielded by a skilled practitioner, it channels the raw forces of creation and annihilation, shaping reality according to the wielder's will. With a mere gesture, the Void Staff can unleash torrents of stellar fire, bend space and time, or shroud the world in primordial darkness.


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Tips, the textures are sh!t fix those, and maybe instead of telling what they do maybe show us, also the thumbnail art is kinda bad