OP Wooden Hoe Mod

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Makes wooden hoes way too overpowered because YES


Created by CocoNutWATR on YT


CONTROLS (while holding wooden hoe)

Strike Lightning: Num1

Explosion: Num2

Enter a very spooky message in chat: Num3

Give yourself speed: Num4

Give yourself strength: Num5

Give yourself haste: Num6

Give yourself dolphins grace: Num7

Give yourself Jump Boost: Num8

Give yourself Levitation: Num9

Give yourself Saturation: Num0

Extinguish Flames on you: X

Modification files
OPWoodenHoeMod_1.15.2.jarUploaded on: 08/14/2020 - 22:27   File size: 76.76 KB

Hang on, never do this mod when you play on a PvP server.

This seems very overpowered.
1000 damage is an instakill for any mob or boss.
also 100 attack speed isn't op since 100 attack speed is just 1.8 pvp style

I'm honestly so shocked by the number of people who just didn't get the joke wow. Good mod tho gg