Legend Mode

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   New update!

    mobs: Sir pig, cool zombie, tnt man, zombie with hockey mask and wolfman          

    weapons: Disco sword, saw and tnt sword

    portals: crazy portal 

    armors: hockey mask


   In this mode there are a lot of things that deal with magic like wands and books
   This mode also has a flying carpet, special swords, special bows and lots of new monsters
   Like big skeleton sharks, jellyfish, penguins, pirates, dinosaurs and also in this mode there are 5 new portals and 6 bosses!
   And there are still updates to the mod

  All new animals: Shark, jellyfish, bear, lion, tiger, snake, crab, scorpion, bird, giraff, penguin, kangaroo, candy chicken, candy cow and alligator

  All new monsters: Goblin, mini raptor, agilisaurus, nether spider, raptor, T rex (boss), pirate, woman pirate, pirate captain (boss), alien space ship, candy cane, Bubble gum       (boss), vampire, Dracula (boss), fairy (can tame), Wizard (Boss), stronger skeleton, friend skeleton (can tame), troll, unicorn and the legend wither!

All new ranged Weapons: Spell book level 1 - spell book level 5, staff, ice staff, fire staff, boomb, spear, fire spear, pirate pistol, poison bow, cob web gun, candy staff, lightning bow, star staff, teleport staff

All new melee weapons: Emerald sword, hammer, double axe, iron reaper, fire reaper, knife, poison sword, gold blade, diamond balde, wooden club, super sword, wither sword, pirate sword, red stone sword, fangs, candy cane sword, titaniom sword, bubble gum sword, fire sword, fire blade, lightning sword, cat sword, the sword of the day and the night, Ultimate sword, big wooden club, pliers of crab and tnt sword 

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Minecraft Forge mod
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