ExpandVanilla V-2.0 (1.6.4)

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This mod allows you to make weapons and armor that does not have minecraft!

What do the new ores?
The Ore of Aluminium is the most important, as it does most of the items in that mod. 
It is used to make weapons and armor Redstone, Obsidian, Glass, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald and Flint! 
Blue Diamond is now much better than the common Diamond! 
Pure iron when broken it drop pure 4 Irons heated when it is transformed into 1 iron ingot! 
Pure Gold is also the same thing when heated transforms to 1 gold ingot!




1.7.4 (3.0):




1.6.4 (2.0):

+Weapons and Armor: 
Redstone, Obsidian, Glass, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald and Flint! 

+And also adds 4 new ores they are: 
Aluminium, Blue Diamond, Pure Iron, Pure Gold. 
+3 new types of recipes: 

Crafting Obsidian 

Crafting Command Block 

Crafting Ender Pearl 



  • Downloads


Version 3.0 (1.7.2):


Version 2.0 (1.6.4):
//download826.m...2.0 (1.6.4).jar

Version 1.0 (1.6.4):
//www.mediafire...1.0 (1.6.4).zip

Forge (1.6.4) :


  • Installation
  • Download and install the forge.
  • Go to %appdata% > . minecraft create a folder called ''mods'' paste the mod ExpandVanilla
  • Start minecraft, create a new profile and use the version you have installed the forge
  • Play!

By: XTheMysticX 

Modification files
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May I just say: Command blocks do not work in survival, so adding a crafting recipe is useless. Also, you can't break them :/
Also, crafting recipes? I would not mind knowing how to craft Ender Pearls, which is either OP or useless.
Blue diamonds? Come on, do you ever see the 'ores better than diamonds' suggestions getting love? Thought not.
Also, how is aluminium used in most of the recipes?
Please, add crafting images to your decription.

Help, me, when I try to export mods into other ones, it freezes and doesn't tell me whats going on, is it frozen or just loading for a hecka ton of time?