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Published by Nixa56q_ on Mon, 10/19/2020 - 12:10
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UNO is the cards game. I just wondered... why minecraft doesn't have any UNO mod???

so i just planned to I make UNO mod, it taked too long with the numbers 1-9 with 4 colors.

All cards are in UNO gui and when you point with mouse on any card it will show what that card does,

cards cannot be crafted in crafting tables and in anything, this mod is creative mod.

So make sure to download the mod if you have friends ( at least you have ); ) because i been doing this mod FOR HOURS!!!

Modification files
UNO.jar - First version, i don't really know is it fully finished, i think i made all cards but for now it would be 100% done.Uploaded on: 10/19/2020 - 12:16   File size: 160.88 KB


the mod maybe looks awful and boring but it is really cool mod!

the idea is really cool, the textures are simple and pretty,
but there's so much problems whit the setup, maybe you could make a block that randomly trows a uno card and not those ugly 5 dispensers, and maybe, instead of 4 holes whit a block of stone in the center, you may model some chairs and a table!

i dont know how to make a dispenser for uno cards and i don't know how to model blocks, i wanted once to model shrimp but i didn't know how, but even if i create chair you will still pick up items wont you? if you sit you will be too near items and pick up all! so...