Etrene Mod

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I fink this mod going to be nice.

How much time ago someone make a TNT mod, Somebody say "its just explosion" other say "its dangerouse" but some people say "this is FUN" and I Say "Yes Its Fun"

That tnt don't deal any damage ang explode in water, but explode immediately. If you want do it from distance you must use redstone.



- Cobbalt Tools

- Rope can make Mesh

- more wood fhings

- new biome

- new structure (Castle)

- new mobs

- new dimension (but I don't know did in this update)

- new ore (maybe Ruby)

- new NPC (but i don't know did in this update)

Modification files
1_0.jar - mod version (1.0) Have fun PlayingUploaded on: 10/23/2020 - 10:43   File size: 169.61 KB

new wood things are cool
u better not add ruby ore adding cobalt is bad enough (mod publishing guidelines)