Published by LEN1802 on Sat, 10/31/2020 - 22:36
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Marecrafting is a mod about exploring nightmares, and creating your own monsters.


While there is currently not much in the mod, the basic elements are present.


getting started

You can find a biome with tall trees which have strange blossoms on them, these are ash trees, collect the blossoms and craft two of them, and a poppy, with a bowl to create a dreamer's soup bowl.

When you drink this bowl and then go to sleep, the bed you slept in will turn to stone, and you will wake up in a random lesser nightmare, most of these are not so dificult to survive in, and you can easily take the item on the itemframe back with you.

There is a time limit, however, and when your lucidity fades, you will wake back up in the overworld, possibly missing an item you brought with.

making a Wit Wief

The Wit Wief is one of the most simple Mares to create, you can make a ritual circle by surrounding a smooth stone slab with purified salt, made by cooking the salt found in sand, in a 3x3 ring around it, then you can right-click it with your ritual lathe to create the circle, then place 4 engraved candles, made with honey combs and salt at the cardinal direction in the circle, throw in a Mundane Ephialtes, and the Wief will appear to do your bidding.


The wit wief can summon a debillitating mist that weakens your opponents, but leaves you untouched, its can also directly attack your enemies, and has 30 hp, it cannot regenerate this hp, however, so it will eventually die from it, and you will have to summon another.

making a pesanta

A pesanta can be made in a simillar vein to a Wit wief, but instead of using 4 engraved candles , you use 4 leather candles.

The pesanta is a black red-eyed wolf that slows and blinds any enemy its targeting, it also heals from killing others, so attack a chicken for it to heal up!


I have plans to add more summons and nightmares, however, for the contest i didnt have enough time for that, ill try to add more content as soon as i can!

Modification files
marecrafting(contest).jarUploaded on: 11/07/2020 - 21:54   File size: 1.06 MB

Version 1.0.1 (not published rn, i will first add the rest of the features before adding a new jar)

-Added two extra minor nightmares

-fixed spawning in the ash forest

-fixed a bug where if you went out of bed too early, some events wouldnt trigger.


Version 1.0.0

-Added mod

sure, but its not exactly stable right now, neither does it have all of the features i want it to have.
in specific, theres some problem with the pesantas ontick procedure, which is probably a problem with the mcreator procedure, so use at your own risk.