Mega's Mod.

Published by JustMega on Sat, 11/14/2020 - 08:39
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Minecraft Forge mod
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this is my mod. i'am new mod creator so i had many ideas in my brain. i'll update this mod and try my best to make it good. there is only two mobs. one is broken while the other doesn't make sense. the mod adds new ores like black ore. and that's it. a new biome called blue land more icy and will have icy creatures. if you look down on blue land you see some blue grass. or cyan. and below the blue grass is blue kin. i know, i'am not creative. it's just a better version of cobblestone. and you can combine it with black sticks to create good items. i'am thinking of making all weapons and items having different ways to make them. this only took me 1 day and 12 minutes to create. i'll update it. I'll add stuff to it. I'll take some good requests and other stuff. anyways have a good day and have fun playing this bad mod. and if there is bugs tell me and i'll fix it.

If my English here is bad, it's because i'am from another country.

-JustMega ._.

Modification files
MegasMod_1.15.2.jar - 1.15.2 ok73.58 KB

Update: i'll release a 1.12.2 version of the mod and i'll only continue that.

this looks like a very nice mod. it could be a very nice mod at some point.