The Overworld Update

Published by Sky-Ninja on Sat, 11/21/2020 - 22:55
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Minecraft Forge mod
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The Overworld Update is the first mod I have uploaded onto Mcreator and has over 1,100 mod elements that make this mod into the mod it is right now. This mod has taken me over 6 months to develop the first working non-beta release. I really hope you enjoy all it has to offer and MORE UPDATES WILL COME.

This gigantic mod adds a total of:

285 Brand New Blocks

19 Brand New Mobs:

28 Food Related Items

24 New Items

5 Full New Armor Sets

5 New Armor Pieces

68 New Weapons and Tools

4 Biomes

3 Structures

1 Event


Update 1: Thanksgiving Update

This update brings Turkeys and the Fall event into your world! With this new update, you can find Turkeys spawn naturally in your world. If you eat their meat you will set off the Fall Event turning all the leaves to orange and the world to be foggy. You must defeat the Turkey God, a new boss, to make everything go back to normal and return to the normal overworld. In order to get the Turkey God's Special drop, you must redo the fall event and use his special weapon to use it in the normal overworld.

This update added:

A turkey mob

A Turkey God Mob

Fall Leaves of the Birch and Oak type

The Thunder Axe

The Fall Event

Turkey Legs (Cooked and Raw)

Apple Pie

Mashed Potatoes and more!


Modification files
TheOverworldUpdate1.0.jar - First playable open mod to public10.07 MB

This is the first stable version that is playable to all.