The Overworld Update

Published by Sky-Ninja on Sat, 11/21/2020 - 22:55
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YES! This mod just won MOTW which is frankly an honor. Thank you everyone who downloaded, and upvoted it really is appreciated.

The Overworld Update is the first mod I have uploaded onto Mcreator and has over 1,400 (MORE TO COME) mod elements that make this mod into the mod it is right now. This mod has taken me over 6 months to develop the first working non-beta release. I really hope you enjoy all it has to offer and MORE UPDATES WILL COME. So far we have made a few versions and I plan to have many come out.

This gigantic mod adds a total of:

308 Brand New Blocks

27 Brand New Mobs:

29 Food Related Items

36 New Items

6 Full New Armor Sets

5 New Armor Pieces

68 New Weapons and Tools

5 Biomes

6 Structures

2 Events

1 Enchantment


Update 1: Thanksgiving Update

This update brings Turkeys and the Fall event into your world! With this new update, you can find Turkeys spawn naturally in your world. If you eat their meat you will set off the Fall Event turning all the leaves to orange and the world to be foggy. You must defeat the Turkey God, a new boss, to make everything go back to normal and return to the normal overworld. In order to get the Turkey God's Special drop, you must redo the fall event and use his special weapon to use it in the normal overworld.

This update added:

A turkey mob

A Turkey God Mob

Fall Leaves of the Birch and Oak type

The Thunder Axe

The Fall Event

Turkey Legs (Cooked and Raw)

Apple Pie

Mashed Potatoes and more!



Update 2: The Frigid Update

This update brings a new event into the game called the Frigid Event with Snow Enemies and new blocks. New blockmodels have been made for cannons, rugs, and more! New Structures like pirate ships can be found across the oceans, sand forts in the desert and trees in the wooded beach! New mobs in this update includes pirates, captains, and the legendary Snow Monster found in the Frigid Event! And of course, I've decided to go festive and added a whole new plethora of christmas type items with a whole armor set based on the holiday. This new update adds over 100 new things to the game! I KNOW crazy. Download the 1.1 Update to get all these brand new features.

Rugs from all Wool Colors

Wall Types for all Logs

New Structures

New Sword Types

A Flintlocke Weapon!
New Frigid Event

New Tree Types

New Mobs

and more...


Update 3: The Revisit Update

Iceologer added as a preview to the illager update
Poison Tint sword enchantment

New Bark types

New Rune Animations

1.16 support

and more...


Update 4: The Extra Update

New Netherite Gear

New Chairs

New Tints

New Spy Goggle Armor

Quartz Bricks Slabs and Stairs

Netherite Slabs and Stairs

Obsidian Armor

Guard Mobs that protect Villages in time of Raids.

and more...

(COMING 2021)


Check out my other Brand New Mod currently in Beta: Minelanders!

Modification files
TheOverworldUpdate1.0.jar - First playable open mod to public10.07 MB
TheOverworldUpdate1.1_0.jar - The first update adding the Frigid Event.10.56 MB
TheOverworldUpdate1.2_0.jar - The second update, adding 1.16 support, bug fixes, new mobs, blocks, items and animations called the Revisit update.10.94 MB
TheOverworldUpdate1.3_0.jar - The third update, adding New Chairs, Netherite Gear, bug fixes, new mobs, blocks, items and armor called the Illager Update.13.1 MB

1.0: This is the first stable version that is playable to all.

1.1: Added Rugs, Bark for all Trees, Cutlasses for all ore types, Fertile Snow, Frozen Weeds, Frozen Flesh, Snowy Icicle Block, Icicles, Tall Birch Forest Biome, Updated Tree for Wooded Beach biome, Sand Fort, Pirate Ship, Pirate Flintlocke and Christmas Themed Armor.

1.2: Added Bark for Mystical and Dead types, Added Iceologer to mod, introduced the poison tint enchantment doing poison damage to enemies when hit, New Rune Animations, updated to version 1.16x and fixed a multitude of bugs.

1.3: Added chair types for all wood, added Guard and mage mobs, added Obisidian armor, Deadly Flight Tint enchantment, giving levitation and dropping enemies, new bug fixes and new Spy Goggles which give Night Vision when worn.

great mod, this mod has chance?
it's great, it's awesome but the lizard it's like a lizard texture for silverfish, it's cool mod :)

Submitted by Mr. Egg on Tue, 12/08/2020 - 20:49 Permalink

ok this looks awesome imma download RIGHT NOW

ok so a day later i decided to rate it with...
...before i rate it i just wanna say that the camel is cursed and the cursed bone doesn't look like a bone it looks like a knockback stick
final rating...

It's funny you say that. I thought the same thing a week or so ago so I changed it in the new update! Lol. Hopefully the new Cursed Bone Texture looks more like a bone.

This mod looks very good and i think the overworld update was a nice idea. Looks like you took a lot of time and motivation for it.

My apologies to all who downloaded the bugged version of the 1.2 Update with the glitched Iceologer model, it has been corrected and you can redownload the correct and fixed version! Thank you for your patience.

I really want this as mod of the week... :( I want more people exposed to this cool stuff.

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)
I really like the glass doors :D

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