Refused Nether

Published by MatyasU on Mon, 11/23/2020 - 10:12
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that mod is for nether, that adds mobs, items and block

this mod example like a nether is spooky, this a for minecraft nether mod


Pure Ghast - that small ghast that not shoots fireballs

Fire Medusa - the flying creature that immune to fire

Flying Eyeball - that spooky mob that flies around to nether

Fire Spirit - that awesome creature that spawns in nether, has special abilities, ability 1: that attacks you for around and ability 2: that shoots fireballs at you

Fortress Cow - that purple cow with black eyes, they are neutral, you attack them, they attack you

Soul Cow - that soul sand cow with white eyes, they are neutral, you attack them like fortress cow, they attack you


Eyeball - this dropped by Flying Eyeball, you have a chance to kill a flying eyeball

Ball of Spirit - Uncommon Item that dropped by Fire Spirit


Mucus - that animated block look like from picture

Modification files
Refused Nether - 1.0 version.jar - test only, this is for survival or creativeUploaded on: 11/23/2020 - 10:20   File size: 285.4 KB

pls vote:
1. add the Fire Elemental?
2. add some Blocks?
3. add some Item?
4. add some Mobs?
5. add new Mob?

i would recommend redoing the block textures i can make ones for you in my free time if you want

more blocks for sure, since this is a pre nether update mod, maybe you should add an ore like netherite. (harder to find and more powerful than netherite tho)