Minecraft: Vanilla Swirl

Published by OQBdude123 on Wed, 08/28/2019 - 16:01
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The Vanilla Swirl mod is yet another mod created to add a little flavor to Vanilla Minecraft.

An (unorganized, unfortunately) album of the mod's features! https://imgur.com/a/Y9WmUhP

What does this mod include? (1.0.0 Update)

  • A Reproccessing Board, a new type of crafting block that allows you to strip certain items into other items!
    Things you can reproccess:
    • Sugar Canes
    • Hay Bale
    • Poisonous Potato
    • Totem of Undying
      • This, along with a few other items, creates the Evoker Fangs spellbook, allowing you to summon a +-shape of Evocation Fangs.
    • Pastry Batter
      • Crafted using two sugar and wheat, you can smelt it into a loaf of bread, craft it with cocoa beans to create a dozen of cookies, or reproccess it to create waffles!
  • Ground Creepepper, a spice created using wheat seeds, gunpowder, redstone, and blaze powder!
  • Seasoned Burger, an extravagant meal created by crafting bread, sugar leaves, steak, and ground creepepper together.
  • When placed on top of a Reproccessing Board, cake can be shift-right clicked with an Iron Sword to obtain 6 Slices of Cake!
    • They can be crafted back into a single cake block too.
  • The Vanilla plant. You can find its flowers in forests, which can be crafted into seeds, which can be grown into beans, and smelted into Vanilla Extract.
    • The extract combined with waffles and sugar can create Syrup Waffles.
  • The Ice Cream Machine is a food-based block; filling it with packed ice, and then right clicking it with a waffle will get you a Soft Serve Cone, which usually give you special buffs!
  • The Artificial Wither Sword allows you to inflict the wither effect on opponents.
  • The Iron Ball is a weapon which throws enemies a bit higher in the air, and doubles as a crafting item.
    • The Enchanted Iron Shackle immobilizes enemies for a short period of time.
    • The Lightning Rod strikes a bolt of lightning if it is on an iron block or iron ore, once powered with redstone.
  • The Kendo Shinai is a sugarcane-themed sword which can debuff opponents.
  • Glowstone Lamps are yellow, always-on alternatives to Redstone Lamps.
  • Ice Picks can mine Ice and return its block without creating water.
  • Diamond Potatoes and Emerald Carrots are the new vegetable equivalents of the golden apples.
  • The Overenchanted are a new type of mob, who can drop Ender Flesh and Eyes of Ender. You can cook the flesh


Known bugs:

  • The Overenchanted have no visible AI, other than teleporting when hurt.
  • Vanilla flowers cannot be planted in flower pots.
  • The GUI of the Reproccessing Board had to be changed to take more time, as it was having issues with outputs and inventories.

Please feel free to message me on Discord at j8bit_forager#1861 if you have suggestions or would like to chat! All of the textures were created by Photoshop.

Thank you, and have fun!

Modification files
  • 1.0.0 Update
    • Added
      • Reproccessing Board
      • Sugar Leaves
      • Cake Slice
      • Ground Creepepper
      • Seasoned Burger
      • Vanilla Plant, Seeds, Flower, Extract
      • Pastry Batter
      • Waffle
      • Syrupy Waffle
      • Ice Cream Machine
      • Vanilla, Chocolate, Chorus, Cake Batter, Cookie Dough, Fruit, and Swirl Cones
      • Iron Ball
      • Enchanted Iron Shackle
      • The Overenchanted mob
      • Raw Ender Flesh and Cooked Ender Flesh
      • Ice Pick
      • Artificial Wither Sword
      • Glowstone Lamp
      • Kendo Shinai
      • Lightning Rod
      • Evoker Fangs
      • Diamond Potato
      • Emerald Carrot
      • New crafting recipes.
    • Known Bugs
      • Overenchanted has no AI