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This is a mod where the ores that I have added goes up a harvest level progressively.

The ores that have a higher harvest level are stronger than ores with a lower harvest level.

If you are going to play with this mod, I recommend you use JEI for the recipes.


NEW ORES  (Ores, Harvest Level,)

Actinium, 3 -- Actinium is an ore you will find at around y-33. A diamond pickaxe or higher is required to mine the ore. The ore is a portal frame for the Metal Dimension.

Amadium, 4 -- Amadium is a name I made up in my mind and an Actinium Pickaxe or higher is required to mine this ore. This ore is found in the Metal Dimension.

Zircon, 5 -- Zircon is a gem that is found in the nether. It is relatively common, but an Amadium Pickaxe or higher is required to mine this.

Tungsten, 6 -- Tungsten is an ore that is found in the Metal Dimension. A Zircon Pickaxe or higher is required to mine this ore.

Ember, 7 -- Ember is a type of fuel that is found in the Metal Dimension. A Tungsten Pickaxe or higher is required to mine this ore. This is used in the High-Temperature furnace.




Basic Circuit -- This is used to make all the machines that are in this version right now (1.0).

Ingot Cast -- Put any ingot in the middle of a crafting table and surround it with string to make 4 Ingot Casts. These are used in the Ingot Caster

Conducting Ingot -- This is used to make all the machines that require a redstone battery. This ingot is also required to make a redstone battery.

Redstone Battery -- This is used in machines. You will use this in the Crusher and the Ore Seed Bag Processor. This batteries have a capacity of 500, and when the all the charge from the battery is depleted you will simply put the Uncharged Redstone Battery that will appear when the battery has no more charge into the crafting table along with 6 redstone blocks to recharge it.

Enhanced Fertilizer -- Sadly, this does not work like bonemeal. It is only used in the Ore Seed Bag Processor.

Ore Seed Bags -- These are used in the Ore Seed Bag Processor. More information in the machines section.

Advanced Circuit -- (Currently has no use.)

Reinforced and Crystal Ingots -- Powerful ingots that are used in expensive recipes.



The Metal Dimension brings a world full of new ores to your world. Amadium, Tungsten, and Ember spawns here. The portal frame is made of Actinium Ore and you will need to make Flint and Actinium to light this portal.



Ingot Caster -- This is used to cast gems into ingots but I only implemented casting Amadium and Zircon. The ingot form of these gems are required to make their tools and armor. Put an ingot cast in the bottom slot and but the gem on the top.

Crusher -- This is used to crush ores that are not gems and can be picked up without the need of a silk touch pickaxe. You will need a redstone battery for this machine to work. When the ores get crushed, it will output two grains. These grains can be smelted in the furnace. Put the redstone battery on the bottom slot and the ore on the top slot.

Ore Seed Bag Processor -- The Ore Seed Bag Processor was made since I didn't want to make a bunch of seeds for each and every ore. So i made an Ore Seed Bag for each and every ore. You put the Ore Seed Bag on the left slot, Enhanced Fertilizer on the top slot, and the Redstone Battery on the bottom slot. It will take about 3 seconds for the Ore Seed Bag Processor to produce the ore that is shown on the Ore Seed Bag that you inputted.

Compressor -- Compresses 3 ingots into a plate. Recipes are shown by clicking the recipe button.

High-Temperature Furnace -- Used to smelt a crystal chunk into a crystal ingot. Requires ember to use.

Amadium Crafting Table -- This is a 25 slot crafting table that is currently used to make the Advanced Circuit and Tungsten tools. There is a recipe page that is implemented in the crafting table. The name of the item will show on the bottom of the GUI if the recipe is right.


I hope you enjoy the mod. The metal dimension is super ugly but it was made for the new ores that I implemented. I know there will be a ton of bugs but post your feedback in the comments!

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

1.0 -- Added 4 ores, 3 machines,  a new Crafting table, and many items.

1.0.1 -- The name of some of the items did not have spaces between them. T_T

1.0.2 -- Made the machine textures look more nicer.

1.1.0 -- Added Ember, Compressor, High-Temperature Furnace, Reinforced and Crystal Ingots and more!

Wow! Is this your first mod? This is one of the best beginner mods I've ever seen! extremely good description and mod!

I suggest you change the machine textures

This is a really good mod! Good job on balancing it too by the way.