Plenty of Magic

Published by Trolmaso on Mon, 11/23/2020 - 20:57
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A mod that adds news enchantments and other magical things!

Enchantments and Curses:

Thundering, Leeching, Water Aspect, Venoming, Butchering, Experience, Smelting, Curse of Immobilization, Curse of Shattering, Curse of Heaviness, Curse of Bluntness, Curse of The Fish Master, Curse of Paracusia


Arachnophobia, Kinemortophobia, Skelephobia, Septophobia, Cynophobia, Encavmaphobia.


Weight, Suffocation, Rotating, Freezing, Traversing (Multi-Potion), Potion of The Fish Master (Multi-Potion), Dizziness (Multi-Potion), Lava Bottle (Burning), Milk Bottle (Cleansing).



Thundering - Weapons - Very Rare: Has a chance of lightning striking the entity you hit, with an increased chance in higher levels

Leaching - Weapons - Very Rare: Has a chance of taking the victim's health and giving it to you (Will lose durability quickly)

Water Aspect - Weapons - Uncommon: Deals extra damage to Nether mobs and to entities in water/rain at higher levels. Also extinguishes the mob

Venoming - Weapons - Uncommon: Gives Poison and Nausea to mobs (Nausea at higher levels)

Butchering - Weapons - Uncommon: Deals extra damage to animals with increased damage at higher levels

Experience - Weapons - Common: Victim drops more XP when they die, more XP at higher levels

Smelting - Pickaxe/Tools (Digger) - Uncommon: The smelting result of a block drops instead of the default drop, works with every smeltable block, not just ores. (Cactuses, Stone, Logs, etc) If the mined block has no result it will drop nothing


Curse of Immobilization - Armor: When a player wears armor with this curse, they will get slowness

Curse of Shattering - Weapons: Weapons lose durability quicker, more at higher levels

Curse of Heaviness - Armor: When a player wears armor with this curse, they will be unable to jump

Curse of Bluntness - Weapons: The opposite of Sharpness

Curse of The Fish Master - Armor: When a player wears armor with this curse, they will get the Fish Master potion effects (Custom potion)

Curse of Paracusia - Armor: When a player wears armor with this curse, they will hear annoying noises frequently 

Note: Curses are currently not available in survival


Weight: Makes the player unable to jump (does not work on entities)

Suffocation: Entities under this effect will take damage in air blocks, but not water. (Removes drowning)

Rotating: The Entities under this effect will spin/rotate (An Entity's AI might override this effect when it is moving)

Freezing: The entity that this effect is given to will be encased in ice and will have slowed movement (different than slowness)

Traversing (Multi-Potion): Gives the player jump boost, speed, and dolphin's grace (DG in higher levels)

Potion of The Fish Master (Multi-Potion): Gives suffocation, conduit power, and dolphin's grace (DG in higher levels)

Dizziness (Multi-Potion): Gives rotation and nausea (currently bugged, fixed in 1.3)

Lava Bottle (Burning): Entities under this effect will be set on fire (useful for splash potions)

Milk Bottle: Removes effects. (Useful in PVP when their opponent has strength or regeneration, etc)


Runes: Runes give the user or the victim a special effect that makes them vulnerable to certain mob(s) based on the effect (for example, an entity/player effected by the Arachnophobia rune will take more damage from spiders, and one effected by Kinemortophobia will get more damage from Zombies, and so on)


Version History:

Version 1.2 (Released): Nov 24

Version 1.2.1 (Released): Nov 25

Version 1.3 (Tbh its probably not Coming Soon)

Modification files
plentyofmagic--1.2.1--1.15.2.jar - Version 1.2.1, Bugfixes (1.15.2)499.07 KB


Version 1.2.1:

Fixed Some Item Names/Descriptions (Bug)

You can now put Runes in item frames (Bug)

Adjusted Curse of Immobilization slowness effect

Version 1.2.0:



The picture is fine now, but I suggest making one in the style of a screenshot of the game with a logo over it to get more attention ;)

Can you please add which enchantments can be assigned to which tools?