Mob Collection

Published by MatyasU on Wed, 11/25/2020 - 19:34
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this mod adds a mob collectors, slime shooter, blooms and jungle spiders

this is a awesome mod with a turrets or something, added Blooms and Baby Blooms


Bloom - a Purple-Blue Cow with Black Eyes is a new cow type of cows, they are breedable animals in game

Slime Shooter - a thing that shoots Slimeballs at Monsters

Mob Collector - a thing that Collects and projects Mobs for the Mob Collectors are look at the mob

Jungle Spider - a Green Spider with Red Eyes, is like a spider type of spider, they so fast

Mr. Creeper - a Creeper with Hat, explodes like a normal creeper


Mob Collector Spawn and Parts - Mob Collector's Parts of Body can be used to a recipe by Mob Collector Spawn

Slime Shooter Spawn and Parts - Slime Shooter's Parts of Body can be used to a recipe by Slime Shooter Spawn

Throwable Slimeball - a item that throws Slimeballs, you can throw Slimeballs at Mobs or Players

Modification files
MobCollection - 1.0 Version.jar - a test, they are bugs in modUploaded on: 11/25/2020 - 19:43   File size: 92.29 KB
MobCollection - 1.1 Version.jar - added a Mr. Creeper into to gameUploaded on: 11/25/2020 - 19:48   File size: 102.16 KB

fixed Spawners of Robots after now right clicked on Air spawns a robot

Robots can Immune Fall Damage

you must be comment like first idea or first feature in the mod only and first is comment!