Emerald Update

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Makes emeralds more useful! Adds an all-new dimension named "Emeraldplace", a new block called the Green Block, a new weapon known as the Green Sword, a new item called the Emerald Igniter, a new biome called "Emeraldy", a new liquid type named Emeraldgreen Fluid, a new music disc known as Villager, a new villager profession called the Rich Villager, and five new trades to go with this villager: the Green Block, the Green Sword, the Emerald Igniter, and the Emeraldgreen Bucket!


Note: This is my first-ever mod, so expect it to be messy, rushed, and/or buggy.

Modification files
Emeraldupdate_1.0._1.20.zip - Emerald Update (mod) 1.20Uploaded on: 01/05/2024 - 23:08   File size: 1.71 MB