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just a mod i was messing with and thought you guys might like it I'm still working on more weapon but they are in testing right now so have fun


:reaperrose: is a death soul that is in W.i.p right now but useable

:batwithnail: it a bat with nail; w.i.p because the color are broken

:soulsword: it has it own potion effect when it hit mob

:lol: it a joke w.i.p right now

:potion:effect;soullost: soulsword: and has it own bottle but for creative only


the weapon have self made item witch are

nail:for the batwithnail and to get them you need to smelt iron nugget 

soul:food:and crafting with

soulron:that need 8 soul around a diamond to get

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                      coming in the next update



king_crown it a crafting item a can't make 3d armor


a magic book: discontinued



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king.jarUploaded on: 12/01/2020 - 04:09   File size: 82.24 KB

this mod is not going to update for 4 months as my personal life is way too busy to work on it