More Than A Colorful World mod [Alpha]

Published by MCSInside on Sun, 12/06/2020 - 21:20
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Tired of boring 16 colors? Bored of Mojang not accepting your request into the Minecraft community? Having trouble trying to make your own pixel art thinking it will be good, but ending up bad? Introducing: More Than A Colorful World mod!

Version: 0.1.7 alpha

This is the 42 color palette of how many wools containing in this version of M.T.A.C.W.

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mtacwbetav017.jarUploaded on: 12/06/2020 - 21:24   File size: 195.05 KB

This is version 0.1.7 of the M.T.A.C.W. mod.

Are there dyes to accompany these wools? Are there/will there be concrete/terracotta variants as well? Are these attainable in vanilla?

Dude just make the crafting recipes different wools combined, so the royal blue could be light blue and normal blue combined

I hope it will get dyes and terracotta versions, it seems too cool.