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Published by on Thu, 12/10/2020 - 14:12
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Keep in mind that the mod is still in beta! I would you guys to suggest me new features and report bugs! THANKS!:D

Mendillium is a mod made for those who love exploration and stunning views and interesting boss fights!

It curently adds 4 new biomes: Themidion,Beautyful mountains,Flower fields and Storitnexus the end biome!

It adds 4 mobs: Crog the angry chicken, Sugar ant worker, Green snake, Shadow rabbit and Artusiri the flower guardian!

More that 15 new structures: Rocks(small,medium,treasure,big,giant), Plains houses, Shadow prisons, Expistra hills, Shrines, Graveyards, destroyed and intact Scary houses, Elderberry bushes(small,big), Teratua Temple and more.

More than 50 new blocks: Themid, Themuridium, Therustiko, Themoridos, Therxtronit Maxtrus, Themurdisum, Cherry Leafs, Cherry Wood, Cherry Planks, Ant Hill,

Cherrionsium, Darkstone, Darkcobble...

1 new dimension: Thextron!


Modification files
Mendillium Beta 1.0.jar - A mod great for everyone!Uploaded on: 12/10/2020 - 14:10   File size: 2.22 MB

NEWS:I'll be soon adding new structures for Storitnexus, a new biome, a new mob, you will be able to find the new boss in tree like strocures and I'll update some mob and block textures. Don't worry! I'll be soon createing a wiki on the site and a wiki item ingame!