Litryed Craft

Published by Lord Ender on
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Litryed Craft is a mod which add 2 biomes; 28 items; 1 Weapon; 1 Tool; 1 Armor; 2 food and 42 blocks (including one plant).

It's a mod which will make the survival better. Litryed Craft (LC), created by Lord Ender (DE/Germany).

Special thanks to 42506!

Litryed Craft adds:

- Biomes: Litry Biome & Hanana Jungle

- Ground/Underground Block for the Litry Biome

- Leaves for the Litry Biome

- Stone Wood/Planks

- Silverstone, Hardstone, Dried Oil and Stoned Laca

- Plastic, Insulation and Fakegrass/-block

- Cardboard(-carton)

- Compost Converter, Materialblockconverter (MBCV), Doubler and Press

- Powerblock/Pressblock/Engine

- Fishbucket

- Terrarium (with fish) & Aquarium

- TV's

- Remotes/TV Antenna

- Screen (Display)

- Windows PC/Apple Mac

- Computer components (CPU, RAM, Graphicscard...)

- Computer Hardware components (Mouse/Keyboard)

- Computer Case

- Table

- Dark Lamp

- Hardstone Brick/Path

- Leaves for the Hanana Biome

- Log for the Hanana Biome

- Hanana-Bananas

- Hanana-Plant

- Hanana-Block

- Mechanical components

- Mechanical Cookie

- Always burnning flame (with armor)

- Silverstone pickaxe/Plastic sword

- Litry heart

If you want to get all versions, visit this link:

Modification files
LitryedCraft_1.12.2_vPreview9.jarUploaded on: 11/24/2018 - 10:18   File size: 704.18 KB
LitryedCraft_1.12.2_vPreview9b.jarUploaded on: 11/25/2018 - 13:36   File size: 711.63 KB
LitryedCraft_1.12.2_vPreview9c.jarUploaded on: 11/25/2018 - 14:13   File size: 711.62 KB

Preview 9b:

  • Hanana-Plant texture edit (texture by 42506)
  • Windows PC Sound-edit

It seems a nice mod
Could you write a bit more info about the mod, rather than just writing a list of the types of features it adds?

Could you add a download of the textures in your mod?
I could help you improve them.

I already did two of the textures, in case you like them. Go to to find a .zip ddownload file. Give Me feedback!