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They are back!

The mighty pirates, who roamed Minecraft seas long time ago have been returned after long absence.

A bit of history (if you are curious)

Have you ever think, my friend, why seas of Minecraft, holding irrefutable evidence of past pirates presence in form of sunken ships and treasure chests does not present single ship with crew afloat?
Long time ago mighty pirates ruled the seas. They plundered and sink trade ships, making piles of treasures and hiding them over the world. Maybe this is why their land-based co-tribesman called "pillagers"?

But one day rumors spread between pirates. They have heard about some mystical devices, called "portals" which can be used to transport to distant alien land, very dangerous but prosperous. So they set sails and departed there in search of their fortune or probably death.

And now they are back. Their ships are full of treasures but beware! If you want some be ready to fierce fight!


This mod adds a pirate ship structure, with monster spawners and a loot chests. You have to generate new world then pirate ships will appears in the sea biomes. Spawn probability is quite high, sometime it spawns two ship close to each other. Maybe later I'll change probability to lower value. Also some ships are generated damaged. I think this is because how Minecraft structure generation works. Think about it as damage made to the ships by fierce inter-world storms.


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pirates_1.0.jar - Version 1.0Uploaded on: 09/10/2022 - 13:44   File size: 23.16 KB
  • Initial version of the mod