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This datapack improves the loot of some mobs and structures and adds some recipes to enhance your Minecraft experience.

-Now shulkers always drop two shulker shells and some chorus fruit
- Added recipes for the Enchanted Golden Apple (as in Minecraft 1.8), strings from wool and cobwebs
- Pillagers now drop arrows and emeralds like in Minecraft BE
- Animals no longer drop cooked meat if they die burned (rip speedrun) but can sometimes give you bones
- Cakes can be re-obtained from the block
- You can use blaze powder for smelting the minerals in your inventory using crafting (it can get hot!)
- Improved the loot of Nether fortresses, Jungle Temples and Igloos
- The wither will give you more items when killed (stonks!)
- Zombies will rarely give their heads to you
- Vex and ghasts will sometimes give you phantom membranes
- The husks will also give you ropes and paper (to make them look like Egyptian mummies)
- Tortoises will rarely give you scutes (not worth it)
- Cats no longer drop strings (it seemed cruel to me to kill a cat for strings :))
- The Ravagers will also give you iron nuggets
- Spawners will give you iron bars when broken (although no one with any brains would break them for it)
- Dispensers in jungle temples now fire spectral arrows.
For any bugs or advice write in the comments :)

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Hey, that's good!
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