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This is my first ever mod and I'm pretty excited, yet nervous to release it. This mod is still a heavy W.I.P atm, but I felt like I should upload it as is to get feedback about what I currently have before moving forward with the mod. This mod was made with Mcreator and I could not have done it without it. 

In the future this mod will add:

-20 New Ores and Minerals that will each have an accompanying armor and tool set. 

-10 New Biomes that will hopefully be unique and stand out from other mods.

-30 (maybe even more) items that will each have their own effects and will make your Minecraft experience easier. (Will be costly to make)

-10+ new mobs that will make you miss fighting the Wither. 

-Maybe a couple of new bosses.

-Item effect fixes (Lost Stone is glitched atm) 


And if you guys want to make your own add-on/version of this mod, please message me for permission before you make it. 


If you have any bugs/issues with other mods, or have any suggestions please feel free to email me: @Jgreen1547@gmail.com

or leave a comment below. 


I really hope that you guys enjoy this mod as much as I've enjoyed making it so far. 

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Hope you guys enjoy the mod! if you guys have anything that you want me to know, please feel free to contact me by my social media.

Nice mod it's good for being your first one :)

Submitted by thebebist on Tue, 05/14/2019 - 13:27

The armor textures looks cool :)
Nice job on the mod.