Too Much Things 2

Published by OrangeOH on Fri, 05/15/2020 - 15:09
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Let's talk about some things in the mod!


Shinestone - This block can glow.

Crate - This block is used to store your stuff in. Sound familiar? Yes, the crate is a chest with 4 slots.

Tin Ore - You can find this commonly in the mines.

There are more blocks!


Tin Ingot - You can get this by smelting Tin Ore.

Tin Can - You can get this by making a small U in the crafting table with Tin Ingots.

Totem of Withering - Pretend you never read this, it is currently bugged.

Copper Plate - I'm obsessed with this one simple item. You can use it to make Copper Armor.

There are more items!


Copper Armor - You can make it with Copper Plates.

Bronze Armor - You can make it with Bronze Ingots.

Strong Copper Armor - You can make it with Blocks of Copper.

Tools & Weapons

Copper Tools Set - You can make it with Copper Plates

Bronze Tools Set - You can make it with Bronze Ingots.

Structures & Trees

Abandoned Outpost - You can find it in the taiga.

Mystical Mushroom - You can find it in the Mystical Forest.


A Chest With 4 Slots - Place a Crate.

Bronze Age - Get a Bronze Ingot.

Thanks For Downloading - Download and play the mod.

Music Discs

Red - A short song.

Friend - Another short song.

How to Download

Please take note that this tutorial is only for Windows because I only know how to install it on Windows. You need Forge for this. Install the version of Forge that you have.

Step 1 - In Cortana search %appdata%.

Step 2 - Click on the version you want to download.

Step 3 - Minimize the search engine and don't close the %appdata% file.

Step 4 - Go into .minecraft, and then go into mods.

Step 5 - Drag the download into the mods file once the download has finished.

Step 6 - Go into Minecraft and enjoy the mod!


I hope you enjoy this mod!

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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toomuchthings2_1-15-2_v4.jar - v4 (1.15.2)505.4 KB
toomuchthings2_1-14-4_earlyv5.jar - early v5 (1.14.4)514.26 KB

Early Adventure Update

-Added Totem of Gold

-Added Totem of Gold Head

-Added Totem of Gold Body

Hi can i be tester maybe contact me on discord :D
CroxyMC#6544 is my discord :D

Is anybody having trouble with standing on Shinestone in v2? In the client when I am testing the game I just fall through that specific block and then the game crashes. I would like to know if anybody else has that problem. If anybody is having that problem I might just remove Shinestone.

Now that I just downloaded the mod, yes people are having trouble with Shinestone. I don't know a way to fix this but maybe I could try to make it not shiny. That sounds crazy because it is Shinestone but I might have to do that.

I am currently working on a 1.15.2 version of the mod! It might not come out soon but it will come out someday.

Helo i was wondering if you could make a 1.14.4 version, or if thats too much to ask?