One Punch Man 0.3.0 (Short Hiatus)

Submitted by Vegetto on Tue, 12/01/2015 - 03:14
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This mod introduces features seen in the hit anime "One Punch Man". You can craft the armor needed to defeat anything in ONE PUNCH!!!!


As of today, my One Punch Man mod has reached over 25,000 total downloads on my mediafire page!

Next Update Features:

Modeled Armor

Mosquito Girl

Some New Mob Models


New Features

-Boros and Unleashed Boros

-Carnage Kabuto

-Groribas and Geluganshp

-Saitama Armor has a buff now so it's stronger!

-Ores spawn more commonly!

-Other new stuff!


-Few mobs from the anime series

-4 different armor sets

-3 types of weapons


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In development
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What did you do to model the mobs? I cant seem to make Techne work.

Submitted by Dragma2005 on Wed, 01/31/2018 - 19:15

How does this only have 3 downloads???? My one punch mod is way worse than this and it has 20 downloads!