Scythes And Souls

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This mod aims to bring brand new enchantments to the game, as well as adding a new cool way to enchant your tools. Most of these enchantments will be very powerful, but they will also be really hard to get your hands on.

By killing mobs with scythes, a new tool type added by this mod, there is a chance that a 'Soul Fragment' will drop. With 8 of those fragments, and 1 amethyst shard, you can craft a 'Crystallized Soul'. You can then combine it with 4 of any material to get a special item. If you then right click with that item on your offhand and a tool on your main hand, that tool will be enchanted with a specific enchantment.

You can also use a nether star, 4 netherite ingots and 4 crystallized souls to craft 2 soul ingots. With those, you can craft the mighty Soulsteel tool set, which is a postgame set with really high attack damage and uses. In the future, this set will get an armor and some special abilities.

Currently, the mod adds: 

-A scythe of each of vanilla minecraft's materials

-9 new items that you can use for different things. These are:

      -The 'Soul Fragment', that can be used to craft a crystallized soul.

      -The 'Crystallized Soul', which is the main item in the mod and can be used to either craft soul ingots or the enchanting items.

      -The 'White Soul'. When this item is applied to a tool, it will gain the 'Soul Sharpness' enchantment, wich deals 4 extra damage to any mob when attacked with the enchanted item. This damage ignores armor, and it can be combined with any enchantments from vanilla (Yes, it can be used alongside with regular Sharpness)

      -The 'Red Soul'. This item can be applied to a tool in order to enchant it with 'Vampire Fangs'. What this enchantment does is healing you by a 25% of the total health of the mob you are fighting against when you hit it. So, the stronger the monster, the better the healing.

      -The 'Blazing Soul', an item which allows you to enchant a sword or scythe with the 'Blazing Aspect' enchantment. This enchantment will allow you to generate a heat wave that will both inflict damage and put your foes on fire for a while. To use it, first enchant a weapon with it, and then, sneak right-click with the weapon in either your main hand or your off-hand.

      -The 'Frozen Soul', which allows you to enchant a sword or scythe with the 'Frostbite' enchantment. This will generete a cold stream where you are looking at, and will freeze targets in place.

     -The 'Copper Soul'. This item will enable the enchantment 'Conductivity', that will basically generate an electric current where you are looking at. This will inflict entities with the brand new 'Electrocution' ailment. 

     -The 'Golden Soul', with which you can get your hands on the 'Light Speed' enchantment.

     -The 'Soul Ingot'. This item is really hard to get, but it can be used to craft the strongest gear in the mod, which is a few times better than netherite and is tier 5 (netherite is tier 4)

-A new endgame set of gear which is extremely powerful, but is a real challenge to get. This set also includes a scythe. Currently, the soulsteel sword has a special ability that will shoot you up in the air if you right-click with the sword on your main hand and a soul fragment in your inventory. This is actually an attack, meaning it inflicts area damage when you fall down.

-A brand new status effect: The 'Electrocution' status. This will quickly hurt entities, and can be passed to one another. This means that if an entity with this effect is close to another, it will pass them the effect.

-Some custom enchantments for the scythe. Currently there's only one, the 'Harvesting' enchantment, which increases the chance of dropping soul fragments.


Well, the mod is currently on development, I've got plenty of ideas for new enchantments and maybe even a new set of gear (aside from the soulsteel set). I may even end up adding a new boss to the game ;)

But, for now, you can expect a few new enchantments, as well as new effects and abilities for both the existing enchantments (in the future, they will be able to be applied to armor as well. And maybe even the shield.) and the soulsteel set (it will get fancy abilities for you to use)



-Please use Just Enough Items for recipes, thanks.


Before leaving, I have got two more things to say:

First, sorry for my bad english, I am spanish.


Modification files
Scythes'N'Souls_1.jar - V.0.03-Forge1.18.2Uploaded on: 10/04/2023 - 17:38   File size: 149 KB
Scythes'N'Souls.jar - V.0.04-Forge1.18.2Uploaded on: 10/05/2023 - 16:24   File size: 161.35 KB

Ver 0.04: -Fixed a problem that made the electrocution ailment not spread correctly.

                 -Now the 'Elemental Enchantments' have a little knockback.

                 -Added a new soul enchantment, 'Light Speed'. This can only be applied to pickaxes and axes, and will make you mine faster for every block you break within a certain time range..

                 -When crafting soul ingots, you will now get 4 instead of just 2.


Ver 0.03: -Fixed a glitch which would make the Blazing Aspect enchantment not deal damage.

                 -Added  two new soul enchantments: 'Frostbite' and 'Conductivity'

                 -Added a new status effect that can propague.

                -Made it so you can have two of the 'Elemental Enchantments' ('Blazing Soul', 'Frostbite' and 'Conductivity') at the same time, just enchant two different tools and equip one on your main hand and the other on your off-hand.

                -Added a new ability for the Soulsteel Sword. Right click with it on your main hand and a soul fragment anywhere in your inventory.


Ver 0.02 - Fixed an error that would make the iron scythe deal the same amount of damage as the wooden one.

                 -Added a new enchantment for the scythe, called 'Harvesting', which increases the chance of dropping soul fragments the higher the level.

                 -Changed the way scythes work. Now, soul fragments will be harder to get, as chances have been severely lowered since now scythes will have a higher chance the higher the tier. For instance, netherite scythes have about 10% chance of dropping a fragment, while wooden ones have about 2%. That comes without the Harvesting enchantment, of course.

                 -Added some advancements dor doing mostly everything you can do in the mod. From crafting a scythe to enchanting with one of the crystal souls.

                 -Added a new soul enchantment, called 'Blazing Aspect'. This enchantment will allow you to generate a hot area where you are currently looking at, and it wil set entities on fire as well as hurt them. It has a big cooldown, though.

                 -'Grim Reaper' tools have been renamed to 'Soulsteel' tools.


Ver 0.01 - Added Scythes of every vanilla material

                -Added the Grim Reaper gear set, with its scythe included

                -Added two new enchantments: Vampire Fangs and Soul Sharpness

                -Added functionality for Scythes. Kill a mob with one a there is a 10% chance it will drop a Soul Fragment