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Powerstonetools: Mod description


This mod adds new ores wich can be used to get nice specialtools and a new dimension with new blocks, structures, biomes and entities.

In this mod you start with mining the new ore. It is named powerore and gives you powerstone. You can craft blocks out of powerstones. Combine them with enderpearls to get dastportalframes which are then used to build a portal to a new dimension (with the name dast). You can activate it with a dastportalstick which is crafted with a powerstone and a stick. In this dimension you can find three new biomes with forests, new building blocks, huts on flying islands, boss dungons, dastmen which have the ability to trade with you, dastdonkeys, other new living creatures and more. This dimension contains an other new ore: dragonsteel. With dragonsteel, powerstones and the different items you can get from the dast you are able to get all the different tools and stuff this mod has to offer.     

Here's a little list of some of those tools and things:


-day and nigthchanger



-tp orb

-inventory beacon




-dimensionstick(let you instant switch thoug dimension)

-different armor sets 

-dragonsteel tools 

-spawner pickaxe(break spawners  and place them somewhere else)

Modification files
powerstonetools1.0.0.jar - Minecraft Modifikation - first released versionUploaded on: 12/13/2020 - 19:02   File size: 7.34 MB
Powerstonetools1.0.1.jar - Updated ModfikationUploaded on: 02/22/2021 - 09:46   File size: 10.65 MB
powerstonetools 1.0.2.jar - bugfix of spawnerpickaxeUploaded on: 03/27/2021 - 19:09   File size: 10.65 MB
powerstonetools 1.0.3.jar - update to minecraft version 1.16 and moreUploaded on: 08/18/2021 - 22:24   File size: 10.34 MB


  • 13th december 2020: uploaded powerstonetools version 1.0.0

  • 22th february 2021: updated to powerstonetools version 1.0.1                                                                                                                                                            new things in this update:

           -Powerstonetoolsguide: This book item explains you everything in the mod.

           -added the ghostarmor which allows you to get in gamemode spectator for a few seconds without cheats

           -added the biome spikey cliffs

           -added the living entites powerstoneman and powerstonegolem to spawn in spikey cliffs biome

           -added mossy daststone, cracked daststone and dasstonespikes to generate in spikey cliffs

           -added dasthouse structure to generate in spikey cliffs

           -added the weather orb(This allows you to change the weather to rain, thunder or sunny)

            -added brideeggs

           -added tntgenerator

            -added dragonsteel nuggets 

           -some of the dragonsteel tools can now be smelted to dragonsteel ingots

           -added a non-gravity mode for advanced flying orb (you can activate this by pressing R)

           - made the different kinds of wood in the mod usable as furnace fuel

  • 27th march 2021 : updated to powerstonetools version 1.0.2

          -fixed a bug with that gave the player a spawner whenever they was breaking a block with the spawner pickaxe, now the player

          will only get spawner by breaking spawners (with the spawner pickaxe)  

  • 19th August 2021 : updated to powerstonetools version 1.0.2 

          -updated the mod's minecraft version to 1.16.5

          -added dastportalframes(new block) which are now the new block to build a dast portal, as doing this with powerstoneblocks would allow the player to basically                     duplicate powerstone

          -redesigned the dastman's trade gui and rebalanced some sell trades

          -renamed dastmules to dastdonkeys

          -added an inventory bag for dastdonkeys which the player can you use to transport and store items

          -changed the hitboxes of the entities of powerstonetools to more realistic ones

          -made different plant type blocks in the mod flammable so you can burn those blocks down with a flint and steel

          -changed energysaplings and naturesaplings to grow slowwer

          -fixed a bug that caused energysaplings and naturesaplings to generate trees with holes

          -fixed a bug that caused bonemeal to be removed out of the players inventory when using bonemeal

           on energysaplings and naturesaplings

          -fixed a bug that allowed the player to break bedrock using energysaplings and naturesaplings

          -fixed a bug that caused energysaplings and naturesaplings to only require 1 bonemeal to grow

          -fixed a bug that caused the grass spread of nature- and charged dastdirt to not grow upwards but only sideways


Love The Structures, and everything else, but, I really think the textures could be better. Good Mod!

And by the way: If you find a bug in the mod you can report it here and I'll fix.
Allthough I think all bugs should already be removed.