Building Starter

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Building Starter

This mod is my first 1.12.2 mod , after winning MOTW's contest with one of my 1.10.2 mods , I wanted to create 1.12.2 mods.


This small mod add 12 things.



-Building Block (Not strong but good to build platforms)

-Heavy Block (Very Strong ! Use it for your base ! stronger than 2 blocks of obsidian !)

-Heavy Iron Block

-Base Block (You can build your base with it , he make the floor, the walls and the ceiling.

-Fake Block (You walk through it like a ghost , it has the texture of the Base Block)


-Heavy Pickaxe (100 durability)

-Heavy Axe (100 durability)

-Heavy Shovel (more than 3000 durability)

-Heavy Hoe (more than 3000 durability)


-Heavy Sword (100 durability)


-Liquid Heavy Iron (like lava but don't make songs and don't make players in fire)


Maybe some items has only 100 durability but they get Mending when crafted.


This mod has 3 languages.

.English=English (UK)

.French=Français (FR)

.Italian=Italiano (If someone can help me to what to place here...)


There are some errors in the name of the mod elements in the Italian Language , sorry.



I think I will add more things soonly.


Don't forget to Download the mod , to try it , to give ideas , to report bugs/errors and to help me add more languages.


Goodbye !

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
  • ALPHA : Heavy Pickaxe , Heavy Block and Building Block , no errors.
  • BETA : Alpha things + Heavy Shovel , Heavy Sword , Heavy Hoe , Heavy Axe , Big Heavy Pickaxe Heavy Iron Block , Base Block , Fake Block and Liquid Heavy Iron.Added French and Italian Language , some rares errors.