Brutal Weapons Mod

Published by Repson on Sun, 05/11/2014 - 21:55
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Brutal Weapons Mod


This Mod Contains many weapons you wouldn't normally see is a Weapons mod.

Heavily inspired from "Criminally Used" weapons, I think you all will have fun slaughtering mobs with this mod!



Items used for Crafting




The nail is used for Crafting a Bat with Nail and other weapons that are to come soon


Chainsaw Base:                

Chainsaw Base's are used to craft Chainsaw's!



Chains are essential to making your different tiers of Chainsaw's!


Strong Wood:                         


A Building block as well as used to make a Bat and other weapons soon to come





(In order from top to bottom, Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)




BATS (In order from top to bottom: Regular Bat, Bat with Nail)





Do you have an idea for a weapon? Give me one!

I will NOT accept guns, Guns are overused, give me original ideas!

Modification files
BrutalWeapons.zipUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:13   File size: 94.13 KB

Don't forget to give me ideas for more things to add folks!

what about knuckles weapon? You know what is it right? It's a good idea though.

Yes How do you make a 128 by 128 texture?
We downloaded MCreator v 1.4.4 from the main site and did (Mac) ;;;;

Resources>Import Item/Block Texture

and then it says, "Please make sure it's 16 by 16!"

Can you just ignore that and get a 128 by 128? or is there any other way?
I would really like to know.
Check out my modification for now:

-Strong Cobblestone (for making the stone chainsaw)
-An invisible/not collidable block that gives you wither II when you touch the block (Toxic gas)
-A Bomb - When right-clicked on a block with a bomb, explode.

Nice mod Repson! I think you could add a crowbar, maybe a sledgehammer, some knives.. If you want ideas, look up Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising (3), DayZ (and DayZ mod for minecraft), Crafting Dead, etc.