UltimateS (Update very soon!)

Published by WOSAJ2 on Thu, 01/14/2021 - 11:48
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The beginning of a mod about alchemy, magic, and technology.

This is just the BEGINNING of the mod, that is, at the moment only a small part of the global mod is made.

In the upcoming update, we plan to add a external encyclopedia, but I'll just say that the achievements will help you.


Now in alpha, but you can't avoid mod errors!


Modification files
UltimateAlphaNGP2.jar - Alpha Next gen update p216.26 MB
UltimateAlphaNGP1 1_15_2.jar - Alpha Next gen update p1 (1.15.2)15.65 MB
UltimateDemo 2_3.jar - Blueprint update (1.15.2)14.5 MB
UltimateDemo2_2.jar - Aura update (1.15.2)14.24 MB

There are so many things added here that I can't write anything here.

!!! WARN !!!
The latest version of the mod has become extremely unstable! I will try to fix it the last time!

it remains to finish a few optical nonsense and the update will be released!