The Creeper Land

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the Creeper Land Mod adds a dimension built by Creeper in the dimension there are 3 new Biome 1. creeper plains, 2. Creeper Dessert, and 3. creeper wasteland. The mod also adds new Creeper z.b the Friendly Creeper or the Flying Creeper there are no ores there yet but trees where they can get wood if you like the mod dan you can vote for it. If you have wishes or ideas or have found error then write it in the comments otherwise a lot of fun

Modification files
The Creeper Land beta.jar - The Creeper Land 1.16.4 BetaUploaded on: 01/17/2021 - 11:58   File size: 252.66 KB

you are the herobrine, make a herobrine creeper and creeper cow